Day by day I vacillate. It’s like my mind is playing schizophrenic games with me. One minute I’m living in the mindset of the old normal, just as though nothing has changed. Then the next minute I’m in the moment of doom and gloom and drastic change, normalcy gone in a blink of an eye, living [...]

Summers with Lucille

Don’t you love it when you’re stuck behind a four-door Buick that’s going 30 in a 50 mph zone? And just when you swiftly pull around the car and speed up to be first in line at the stoplight and the Buick pulls up moments later to your right. You look over and the person behind the wheel of [...]

Best 18 Moments of 2018

I’ve recapped my year of 2018, spotlighting the 18 best moments of my year. It was a good year filled with many, many moments of growth. I learned the most from the doors that closed, talking to and leaning on God, and with His help pushing through some hard stuff. I faced some big giants that [...]

Earrings, Earrings and More Earrings

I don’t know about the day you had your ears pierced, but I remember the sting of the gun as the gold stud made a permanent puncture in my six-year-old ears. I can only imagine the tears that flowed. I may date myself here, but do you remember the Piercing Pagoda, the kiosks in the mall that [...]

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

It hasn’t always come easy, doing things that push the boundaries of what I’m used to doing. Getting out of my routine and taking the initiative to do something different for sake of, well, doing something different and out of the norm, is more foreign than it is familiar. It seemed that [...]

My Favorite Holiday

Snickers, M&M’s, Kit Kat Bars, oh my! You guessed it, my favorite holiday is Halloween. Now hold up, before you get all sideways with me about this holiday. I have fond memories of this super holiday surrounding more than the candy. Before Halloween, my Mimi would take me on a shopping [...]

What I Know For Sure

I’m really excited and nervous at the same time to embark on this writing journey for 31 days. As you can see I haven’t written here in a very long time. When it’s come to writing for the love of it or writing to share my heart, the past eight to twelve months have been like [...]

Who You’d Be Today

First Day of First Grade With Uncle Wesley There he was standing on stage. He played bass guitar and looked to be about 24 years old. His hair was thick, a deep dark brown, on the shaggy side that I’m sure my grandmother Pat would never approve of. This guy stood all of maybe five feet tall. [...]

January Reflections

It was a clunky first thirty days of the year. I didn’t go back to work until January 4th, then there was the annual snow apocalypse when everything closes and no one goes out of their homes because it’s so cold. I’ve sensed the nudge for some time now. I’ve ignored it and gone on, business [...]

The People of My Year 2017

2017 was a painful year marked by loss. The loss of people, a job, my mobility, hardship, loss of ministry, and hurt. Everything I thought I wanted wasn’t to be. Looking back, I am so thankful that what I thought I wanted wasn’t God’s best for me. But as I reflect on what was, I am ever more [...]
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