Running the Race

It happened today. I told God that I fully trusted him and that I surrendered my life to him. Whatever direction you want me to go, I’ll go. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do. Ummm… well wait God. That is unless you want me to go to a developing country and live there. Or if you want me to [...]

Hello Autumn

Is it time for pumpkin spice lattes yet? Oh yes it is! I love autumn because it brings the tradition of college football, fall home décor, holiday preparations, and great food. I love the fall sunlight, something about it just seems special. Even though I’m in Texas and cooler weather evades us, [...]

Fight Human Trafficking, beLydia

They work in restaurants, hotels, and nail salons, and most notably they can be found in the sex trade. They’re victims of human trafficking who are exploited through acts of forced sex and labor. Three years ago I learned that human trafficking existed in a big way here in my community in [...]

5 on Friday: What’s On My Mind

I’m a day late posting my 5 on Friday, but here are five things that are on my mind this week. Let me warn you a few are heavy topics, but that’s where I find my thoughts and my heart drifting. 1. This little nugget Scout You’d never know she had life saving stomach surgery [...]

Today, Tomorrow. Gratitude & Goals. (Aug & Sept)

August 2016 seemed like a blur as did the whole summer. August though was a very eventful month, full of surprise, disbelief, amazement, joy and sadness all in one. It was full of mountaintop highs and valley lows, but such is the flow of life. Nonetheless, I am grateful for every bit of it, [...]

5 on Friday: Thankful but I want to quit.

This Friday finds me grateful for so many things. Foremost on my mind is my puppy Scout and how well she has recovered from having stomach surgery due to sepsis and in a short period of time. We’ve been together just two weeks now and her first six days were spent in the ICU. So this Friday I [...]

My Fave Dress : A Fashion Post

I don’t do fashion posts, so this is likely to be the one and only you’ll see at Blog By Tracy. I don’t do them because I don’t consider myself a trend setter, more so I’m a trend follower. Also, I received no compensation from either company, I just thought it’d [...]

Today I Got A Puppy

Two black cars pulled up side by side at the Buc-ee’s. A deal was going down and cash was being paid but this wasn’t the kind of deal you might be thinking of. It was the kind of deal true love is made of. I got a puppy! I had been scoping out shelters and emailing breeders both. Then [...]

What the Olympics Mean to Me

I have to admit that watching Michael Phelps swim his last laps in the Olympic pool during the relay had me biting my nails. I’ve really loved watching the Rio Olympic Games. I can sort of identify with the dedication and commitment of the athletes since I’ve been teaching in the fitness [...]
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