10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I love to chronicle what makes my days so great. I know ten things just barely scratches the surface. Every day there are countless blessings that go unnoticed because of the hustle, the hurry, the pile, and the list.

Keeping track of the good things week to week keeps me focused on just that. The good things.

This week’s 10!

  1. Seeing a friend of 18 years while I was in Seattle on business. We talked and talked and talked. It was so good seeing her. She just retired to the Northwest and is loving life there.
  1. Arriving at the airport back home to my beagle who howled so loud at the site of me. There’s nothing like the love of a puppy.
  1. Getting back to my work outs at Orange Theory. I missed it.
  1. Saying yes to spending time at home with the two most important people in my life. My beagle is one of them!
  1. Getting my hair cut
  1. Rest
  1. The Liebster Award! Bloggers nominate bloggers for community and readers and I was nominated. What a sweet surprise!
  1. Girl Scout Cookies
  1. Connecting with some Austin area bloggers
  1. Teaching class again after being gone for almost a week

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