16 Goals for the Year

It’s the last day of January 2016! Boy the days sure went fast didn’t they. I know it’s a little late, but there’s no time like today than to set my goals for 2016. As they say, better late than never.

It was interesting how these goals became more clear to me as the month of January blazed by. Even though I wanted the structure and a plan to be defined by January 1st that certainly did not become clear as I had wanted. To be honest, that really bugged me.

As the days of the month ticked by, my goals slowly came into focus as though I was adjusting the lens of a camera.

So here we go. 16 goals for 2016, a few personal and a few related to this blog.

My personal goals for 2016

1) Getaway with God
Take time every day and dedicate it God. Pray, read, rely on and believe in what His word says. Not what I think or feel. Stick with a small group and stay in a structured study. Press into God this year is what I hope to do the most.

2) Listen
…to God, His voice is the most important voice I can hear.
…to my body, I only get one on this go around so I need to treat it that way.

3) Love
Be intentional in how I do so. I have the power to change someone’s day. How can I do that? If I’m open to the opportunities and I will take them when I see them. It could be stopping to listen, it could be spending time, it could be treating someone to lunch or bringing coffee for a pick me up.
I want to stay committed to spending time with friends and making time to stay connected.

4) Money, Money, Money…MON—EYY
You know the song. We’ll this will be the year I just know it. With gazelle intensity I’m starting now and once and for all I’m writing out my budget and getting that snowball rolling. As slow as the snowball may be rolling I will persevere and get there.

6) Rest
This year I’m taking more naps. I’m intentionally going to stop.

7) Make My YES Count
When it comes to my time, my decisions are crucial. Whatever I saw yes to, I say no to something or someone else. So my ‘yes’ better be worth it.

8) In the Blink of An Eye
Life can change just like that. I want to live knowing this each and every day.

My BLOG Goals for 2016

1) Makeover
Get a new design and some expert technical know how.

2) Google Analytics
First I’ve got to install this on my blog and then learn how to use it. It’s a great tool to let me know what posts everyone is reading and what you love. This will tell me what topics you might like more of.

3) Learn
Go to a blogging conference. Take on line seminars. Read, read, and read.

4) Start a Newsletter for BlogByTracy followers
Some way, some how, I will figure out how to use Mail Chimp and to recruit subscribers.

5) Write, write and write
Just like sports, practice will make you better. I hope to sit down and earnestly write a little bit at least twice a week.

6) Oh Word Press!
This program gives fits. I want to learn the in’s and outs of the program. Did you know there’s actually a Word Press Meet Up? Go figure!

7) Connect + Community
I’m part of some writer’s groups on Facebook. This year I hope to intentionally participate in each of them. I’d love to find a mentor to encourage me in this unchartered body of water I’m floating in.

8) Chill Out
Today I want bunches of readers and subscribers to my newsletter and a tribe of followers on Facebook. Yes, thank you. Well, it doesn’t work like that with anything.
I need to chill out. I want to enjoy this journey of getting there and becoming a better writer. This is all part of me learning to be patient and me staying true to why I started this to begin with. Tracy, don’t loose sight of that.

Have you started on your goals for 2016? Do you have a bucket list for the year or maybe a word that you’re staying focused on? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment here and let’s talk!


  1. Best wishes on meeting all your goals

  2. I love how all of your personal goals related back to slowing down life, for your health, peace of mind and relationship with the Lord.

    • Thank you Sheri! I sure appreciate your encouragement and you stopping by. Hope your year is off to a good start! Tracy

  3. I love naps! Your goals seem great. I need to learn to stop taking things so personally. Happy February and good luck with your goals!

  4. Great goals! I totally get the WordPress woes, and figuring out Mailchimp is something I also need to do!

  5. Sounds like you’ve come up with some great goals for the year. I like how you broke them up into both personal and blogging goals. I’d love to attend a conference some day.

  6. This year my word is balance. I started my own business in 2015, and it TOOK.OVER. This year I need to make sure I leave time for my husband & our household. I need to work on giving myself permission to say “no” to things, so that my yesses really count- I love that goal! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great list of goals! I love the make the YES count one!

  8. I love your list. I may borrow a few goals:)

    • Thank you Linda! Please do!! Hope you’re having a great start to 2016! So appreciate you stopping by my blog, just starting out and I’m so encouraged by your visit! Tracy

  9. You have fantastic goals for the year! I am with you on spending more time with God each day and learning too. These are two things that have been the forefront of mine this year and that I’ve been making time for.

  10. Great goals! I especially love your personal goals. Staying close to God is so important and such a key factor to being happy. Thanks for sharing your goals.
    Danielle Greco – AccordingtoD.com

  11. My word of the year is growth in every way. I like the goal to get more rest. We all need more of that!

    • Rest is so good for us, I just don’t quite do it enough. Thank you for coming by the blog & sharing with me, I’m so grateful!

    • I love your word for the year! Growth is so good, even though it’s challenging at times it’s really amazing to see how we change and the better version of us emerges! Hope you’ll stop back by! Tracy

  12. I love the idea of making goals and posting them for the world to see. I’m terrible at keeping long term goals, so I like to break them down into monthly goals. For sure, one of mine will be to spend more time with God. I love that it is one of your goals too!

    • Thank you Angela! Sharing them definitely holds me accountable. I love your blog, your Christmas blessings family photo is adorable! Thank you for stopping by, so encouraged that you’ve visited! Tracy

  13. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 are on my list too! Good luck meeting all your goals this year and more!

  14. You have some fantastic goals! Wishing you the best as you work towards them all!

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