5 on Friday: Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

What a busy week it was, I’m so glad it’s Friday, are you? This week was full of aha moments and even teachable moments from being on crutches. I felt the kindness of others this week in a big way as I hobbled around in week three of being on crutches.

My 5 On Friday feature is a post series of random things on my mind this Friday, what I’m celebrating, what I thought of the week and so much more.

How was your week? I’d love to know one thing that brought you joy this week, leave me a comment!

1. An Aha Moment…

You ever have those moments where things just click and you suddenly get it?

I’ve always read how you see the world is a choice. Positively or negatively.
This week I attended a talk on living powerfully. The topic sounded a little out there to me at first, but it was full of valuable information.

I took great notes to share with you on a post to come in a few days.

For now, the aha moment came when the speaker talked about taking charge of our attitude and outlook. The key is changing our relationship to our circumstances.

Being able to move from the negatives of our day to the positives is the sweet spot. It’s how quickly we can move from the negative back to the positive that makes all the difference.

Let’s face it, every day will bring trials, be it traffic, the morning routine, a spilled cup of coffee, you name it. If we stay stuck on that, it taints the good.

Come back and visit in two days for the full recap.

You’ll love the wheel of life. It made me rethink a few things.

2. I found my wedding venue!

Don’t get too excited, first there’s gotta be a man.

But when that day comes, I have the perfect venue that rivals my hopeful Texas winery. I’m doing a walk through of venues for an event I’m working on and it was the Vista on Seward Hill.

It’s outdoor/indoor, it’s beautiful and in the heart of west Austin. One of the most unassuming locations and it’s owned by two wonderful people that I’d trust whole heartedly. Sedonni and Larry, the couple lives on site and they’ve create a beautiful venue that feels homey yet exquisite at the same time. I never say that word by the way.

3. Two Bloggers I Discovered

Meet Love Taza, she’s a NYC mom of three and writes on family, adventure in NYC, motherhood and life’s simple joys.

I love her photography the most!

Erin Turnley of True Grace writes about wins and failures we can all relate to with grace. I love her writing, just beautiful words that will touch your heart!

4. Energy in a Mellow Yoga Class

I tried my first class at Mantra Yoga, and well, it’s all I can do right now with a cast and crutches. It was really great. For the first time I think I really understood feeling the energy come out of my arms. It totally sounds weird but the instructor had us cup our fingers and sort of lightly tap on our arms, shoulders, hands and that’s when I felt the energy!

5. What I was struck by…

I’m in week 3 of at least 8 of wearing a cast and using crutches.

When you’re not at the top of your game and you’ve been hit with a blow of some kind, that seems to be the moment when we all find out who are friends are right?

I was totally blown away this week by both the kindness and unkindness of people, by people I know and people I don’t know.

A good friend offered to carry my notebook from meeting to meeting, she got the door for me at every turn, and lifted my spirits with a cake pop one day. Unexpected kindness.

Then there was the deli man who took my order at the door and brought it out to me in the car so I would have to crutch-it all over the place.

Others who I see most frequently said nothing, were inconsiderate, and frankly were unable to muster a sense care.

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