5 Lessons From a Dog Momma

Happy Mother’s Day to you! On this special day we celebrate our mommas. Restaurants will be packed out and flowers, cards and goodies will have moms smiling all across the land.

But what about those who are moms to a four legged little one?

I was a mom to a sweet beagle. She was adopted at the age of seven and was my first dog as an adult. I’m not a mom to a little human but being a mom to a special girl for five years was just as amazing.

There is no experience equal to that of being a mom. The magnitude of responsibility is enormous, even more so if you’re raising a person.

I think being a mom is the most rewarding and fulfilling role in life. Inevitably you learn about yourself in the process of raising another.

In motherhood, you learn what you’re made of and you learn just how capable you are of loving another.

The lessons I learned while being a beagle momma will stay with me forever.

1. Patience

No one ever told me this was a pre-requisite. You’ll be tried and tried and put to the test. Your patience will grow exponentially.

2. Acceptance

Many people struggle to receive acceptance their entire lives. In my opinion this is tops when it comes to fur babies and even people. Acceptance flies in the face of love.

3. Trust

Much like a child, dogs take it for granted that you’ll accept them no matter what.

I’m gonna stand on you mom until you wake up. I might even get on the counter while you’re gone and eat those cookies you left.

4. Routine

There’s nothing like regularity and expectation. It builds trust. They learn they can count on you. People are the same. Kids and dogs are intuitive. They know you’ll be there to pick them up from school. They know they’ll have dinner tonight.

5. Love

This is the best of all and it lasts for a lifetime. I’ve never known a love like the love I had for my beagle. My guess is it’s the same with you and your kids. A love like none other.

I loved her no matter what. Potty on the carpet? I love you.

You ate mom’s vitamins? I love you. I may not have been happy at the moment but I still loved her.

I may have grown new gray hair with worry but I loved her unconditionally. Always. No matter what.

I hope your day is filled with sweet moments of love and laughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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