5 On Friday: Half Time Routines & Calling City Council Members

Every Friday I share five things on my mind. I don’t know about you, but this week seemed oh so long. Maybe it’s because we’re fresh off of Labor Day week and we’re in for the long stretch to Thanksgiving.

It seems there’s miles to go before I sleep. Ever feel that way?

I guess you could say it was a monumental week compared to other weeks.

This week I stumbled upon some great finds, I took a stand for justice, and I heard God loud and clear.

Here are five things on my mind this Friday!

1. Yum I love this!

If you love entertaining or cooking this is a beautiful website to find creative decor ideas, recipes and party ideas. I find myself swooning over the photos and saying yum!

2. Calling Austin City Council

This week I made phone calls to two of our Austin City Council members this week to inquire about the 2017 budget that was recently approved.

As a concerned citizen I want to know what amount, if any, was approved to address the back log of rape kits in my community. I’m talking about thousands of rape kits that are years old. Cases that need to be solved. Justice that needs to be served. Closure that needs to be given. Safety that needs to be provided. Read more about the issue here.

So it’s day three and I’m still waiting for my return call. I have questions and expect answers from my city leadership.

I’m thinking I may need to call the Mayor’s office directly.

3. Yay! God’s at Work

Boy has He been busy with me this week. He’s doing a work in me through other people, getting messages to me that are convicting to the core. This may sound strange but I had a couple of meetings this week where the same message came through loud and clear, God was revealing himself to me.

When questioned with a legitimate question, the person I was meeting with calmly replied, I don’t know what the outcome will be, but absolutely we will do this this way and trust God with the rest.

Wow! Double wow! A successful non-profit operates this way and God has proven himself time and time again to be faithful.

So with that, I say, I don’t know what He’s doing but He’s up to something and I know that when He’s done I won’t be the same me. I’ll be a better me.

In the meantime I need to trust and stop asking when God, when? Why God, why?

4. Connecting With My People

Some of the bloggers I met at the Declare Conference in July and I will be gathering this weekend to catch up, encourage one another, and learn!

5. Half Time Routine

I’ve taught fitness classes for 18+ years and at the gym I’m teaching at I’m choreographing a class that will feature moves from some the popular Super Bowl half time routines over the years! And yes, minus the wardrobe malfunction!

Can’t wait to start putting this class together!

What’s on your mind today?

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