5 on Friday: Let the Chiseling Begin

So much is stirring in my heart and in my head this week. I’m fresh off of attending my first faith bloggers conference last weekend and what an amazing weekend it was. God moved mightily and I am so, so grateful.

This 5 on Friday post is an update series, a culmination of goodness that is happening in my world if you will, maybe five things floating in my little head that I must share with you.

I recently joined some other bloggers in the weekly series, so it’s a cool way for you and I to meet other wonderful bloggers too.

Here are 5 things on my heart today:


This week I have really begun to sense a deep chiseling in me, that I believe is God working on and changing me. He is taking the old (unneeded, burdens, pain) parts of me and replacing them with new parts (new beliefs, understanding, thinking). In other words he is giving me a new wine skin.

Webster’s defines the word chisel as to cut or shape with a chisel. Ouch!

That sounds awful. It is awful.

It hurts. God is removing the hurt parts of me that have scored my life since I was six. Even though these parts are rough, jagged, ugly, and hard, they’ve been a part of me for 40 years. And yes, believe me when I say I do want to let them go in exchange for the freedom that is awaiting me.

Event though it’s hard, I’ll take the pain and the angst, the confusion, the hurt and the fog, trusting and knowing in faith that I will reach the other side.

I’ll endure the birthing of a new me because I know God has the grand plan.

He is doing quite a work in me and boy am I grateful.

I don’t want to be the same all my life. I want freedom from past guilt, shame, and sadness that has marked my life. I want to be the best me I can be and time is short.

In the meantime I will trudge onward in the mire but rest in His love, staying steadfast in prayer and staying in God’s word no matter what because I know this to be true…

God is walking in front of me. He is with me. He won’t let me down or abandon me. So I won’t be afraid. Deuteronomy 31:8


Fruity Pebbles Cake Pops

So this was my favorite cereal as a kid. I don’t know about you but who wouldn’t love these fun cake pops for a party! I’ll try them if you will.



I traveled back to the 80’s this week when I got to see Culture Club in concert. Yes, Boy George! They sang my favorites Karma Chameleon, Miss Me Blind and Time. What a fun night with friends reliving the 80’s!


A couple of friends from The Declare Conference introduced me to some wonderful podcasts. I want to share two of those with you here! I was so encouraged by these two this week.

God Centered Mom

I can’t wait to dive into more of her podcasts. Heather MacFayden encourages and teaches in such a special way. At God Centered Mom you’ll find podcasts about every struggle, every condition, every heart matter facing you and I, including moms.

Uniquely Woman 

Lisa Hensley’s podcast Uniquely Woman is faith meets womanhood. She podcasts about everything, you’re bound to find something refreshing, and I love Lisa’s accent!


Let’s keep this next tidbit between us. I was driving recently through Waco and I stumbled upon a radio station. Their beautiful music brought peace and tranquility over me in an instant.

I must admit this was not my first dance with beautiful music, you know, the kind without words. It was elevator sort of stuff. The kind my Granny and her husband could agree on playing Sunday mornings.

Here, I’ll say it. I love beautiful music. If you’re a closet simply beautiful fan you can listen here too!

Much love to you on your weekend. I hope you’ll leave me a comment and let me know what’s on your heart and mind this Friday!

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