Kansas Road Trip In Pictures

When you think about what fills your cup and soothes your soul what comes to mind?

Time with the Walker family does it for me every time. I had the chance to take a road trip to visit my family in Kansas over Memorial Day Weekend. We talked, we played games, we played with the kids, making sweet memories.

I thought I’d recap the trip in photos.

Here’s the new Baylor McLane Football Stadium, albeit a view from the car at 65mph.

Coming from an Ole Miss fan this stadium is quite something by Texas standards,

cause everything is bigger here!

We made an attempt to stop at the historic Elite Cafe in Waco which is now closed. I hear HGTV’s Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have purchased the building. I hope they reopen with the same kind of fare.

But next to it is the Health Camp, serving burgers for over 67 years. Kind of ironic don’t you think?

But never fear, you can always count on Chick Fil A!


A highlight of the Dallas skyline is Reunion Tower

standing almost 500 feet in the air in the heart of downtown Dallas,

lit in red, white and blue! A blurry pic but one of my faves.


Just passing the Oklahoma state line we saw the Arbuckle Mountain Wind Farm

in Murray and Carter Counties on the rolling, windy landscape of south central Oklahoma.

The turbines produce enough clean energy for about 25,717 homes each year.

They stand 328 feet tall and the blades alone are 116 feet long. Yikes!


It didn’t take long to get Newton, Kansas. After a little hail storm the skies seemed to clear!

I love small town historic buildings.


Cowboy country!

Two friendly peacocks live on my dad’s farm. This one struck a pose for the camera!

I showed up with red noses for everyone, after all it was National Red Nose Day! I had a blast being with these little ones, meet my nephew Lawson, and nieces Georgia and Rose (not pictured with a red nose is Lila).


When you visit my family you’re gonna eat good, and I mean good! Beeta is like the Pioneer Woman meets Julia Child. These were the best gluten free blueberry muffins ever!

Lawson picked up his glasses while I was visiting. He looks so sharp!


After dinner we were invited to a very special show in the basement. The kids had been choreographing their performance for us and had the room all set with chairs, but it was standing room only. Dancing, jumping and hooping! Hooray!

What a great show!

It rained off and on and was chilly at night. After the rains there was this magnificent sight.

My dad’s farm view was just magnificent. And this glorious rainbow. Wow!

At the Walker house no evening with family is complete without games! Let’s just say it’s been decades since my last game of Yahtzee. No score needed to prove that.

  My sister’s farmhouse table is so cool. Her husband made it with reclaimed wood from a family barn. It’s pretty great! In fact their farmhouse is pretty great too. She prepared us a wonderful breakfast!


I surprised the girls playing in a puddle! I love that they can make fun happen no matter where they are.

This preciousness is Lila Kate, my newest sweet little niece!


My brother-in law is the farmer of the family and he took me for a ride in his new GPS Guided John Deer. Woa!

They farm in Burns, Kansas. Beautiful country.


Later in the day we drove from town to town in search of the perfect thrift store find.

My favorite was a store that carried vintage gloves, gowns, dresses, and yes hats, hats, and more hats!


Grain silos in town!

No trip would be complete without selfies with Aunt Twacy.


It was a wonderful trip to see the Walker family. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we played and we rested.

I always leave with my heart so full after visiting this family of mine.









  1. I love the midwest, this looks like a fun vacation with family!

    • I’m a new fan of the Midwest too! My first time to drive there. Thank you for your support She! Tracy

  2. Being from the Midwest (SD) and reading your blog made me fill as tho I had gone home….love my visits home to see my family too!!! Glad you had a fabulous time and thank you for sharing the pictures!

    • I’m so glad Shelle, thank you stopping by today. There’s something only family can do to your heart. Tracy

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