A Poem of Thanksgiving

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His faithful love endures forever.”
{1 Chronicles 16:34, HCSB}

A Time to Gather and Remember . . .

‘Tis the week for giving thanks.
For turkey drizzled with cranberry sauce.
For sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows.
For pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream.

‘Tis the week for making room.
For mismatched chairs sitting close to the table’s edge.
For china plates making their annual appearance.
For linen napkins arranged just so.

‘Tis the week for gathering close.
For grandparents coming over.
For college students returning home.
For cousins congregating together.

‘Tis the week for remembering God’s gifts.
For seeing His hand of provision.
For voicing the gratitude in our hearts.
For naming the wonder of each blessing.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather and remember. 

He is good when times are good, and He is good when times are not.
He is good when our Thanksgiving dinner looks like a Norman Rockwell painting, and He is good when our Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t even come close.

God is good no matter what season we find ourselves in. His love cannot be measured for however much good or ill we see today. God’s love is measured by the sacrifice He’s already made.

We have been reconciled unto Him. And that has made all difference. So I will give thanks.
by Denise J. Hughes

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