A Year in the Life: 2016

With a few hours left in the year 2016, I find myself reflecting over the laughs and the tears of the year. 2016 was good in my opinion, even amidst struggle and a heartbreaking loss. In fact, I find that every year is pretty good, I just choose to see it that way. The trying moments that this [...]

Lessons Learned By 45

As I celebrate another birthday it occurs to me that I may just be half way through my life. I’ve learned so much through this wonderful life. As in any life there have been many mountain top views and valley lows. But it has been one big adventurous. I’ve learned so many life lessons [...]

Managing Christmas Expectations

Last weekend I found myself having a severe case of FOMO. You know, the fear of missing out. After perusing Facebook and seeing photo after photo of friends having Christmas fun, parties, recitals, decorative homes and friends and families being oh so merry, I found the old familiar party [...]

5 on Friday: Let the Holidays Begin

Whew, this week has to be waving a white flag or maybe it’s crying out UNCLE! It was so full and full of goodness. Just what the holidays are made of. There was so much joy in this week, celebrating the holidays, making new friends, talking about Jesus and what He’s up to over pie, making [...]

Today, Tomorrow. Gratitude & Goals (Nov-Dec)

I wondered if I would make it through all of the commitments slated for November. Some were self-imposed, many were work projects, nonetheless the load felt heavy. I’ll make it if I can just get past this one, I told myself. The good news is, well, I survived and I’m here to talk about it. I [...]

Ornaments: More Than Just Decorations

Has your home taken on a new look like mine has recently? My living room has been rearranged and Christmas has moved in. The Nutcracker stands guard on the fireplace and our stockings are hung above the chimney. Scout, my 8-month old beagle has made her home in the Christmas throw on the couch. I [...]

A Merry & Bright Night: Event Review

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift or something for that hard to buy for person in your life, The Junior League of Austin’s A Christmas Affair is the place to find it. Whether they’re into home decor, raising babies, cooking, or sports, or they’re a boot wearing [...]

10 Takeaways From the Blog Elevated Conference

I’d been looking forward to my first big bloggers conference all year long, Blog Elevated and it finally happened a couple of weeks ago. I was curious about the level of speakers and what I’d takeaway. Let me tell you that I was greatly impressed with the quality of speakers. They were all [...]

If I Won the Powerball

Something happened on Saturday that I’ve never done before in my life. I played the Powerball. When I took my shabby dollar bills up to the counter with my list of hand picked numbers, each thoughtfully chosen and representing something special. The kind man behind the counter asked if I had ever [...]

January Goals

Some people have a word to live by for the year. Others have resolutions. This year I’ve set a few goals and these monthly posts will really help me to break it out into baby steps. When it comes to picking a word for the year, several come to mind. Words like listen, focus, intention, all boil [...]

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