Unexpected Jungle Trail

2017 started off with a bang! A bang that I didn’t plan. Unanticipated. Quite frankly, if my life were a NASCAR race, a caution would be nice about now, with a yellow flag that means all cars hold up now and a restart follows. But a NASCAR race my life is not. The day after Christmas I was [...]

Day 10: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Today was really life changing for me and it’s not every day that I can say that. I’m in the northwest for business leadership meetings and today was day one. It’s not just any leadership meeting though, we’re learning to lead like Jesus from the greatest leader of all time. One of the [...]

Day 6: Judgment Day At The Airport

Judgment showed up all sleepy eyed at the airport for her 5:00AM flight, fully locked and loaded for six to seven hours of travel. You might agree that traveling these days is just not what it used to be. Granted I was straight off of two sixteen hour days and this was day three of waking up at [...]

Day 3: In A Letter From Jail

The letter arrived in a hand-addressed envelope from the Travis County Corrections Center. While I didn’t know the author her words cut deep to my core. On the outside of the folded letter she had written in bold letters “I praise God for you”. My heart was pricked by her words. I thought how [...]

Day 2: A Personal Moment of Confession

I remember talking to Granny on an October evening, she was laying in bed telling me about her life and I was listening intently from the floor, holding her hand. This would be one of the last meaningful conversations we would ever have. In the months that followed Granny suffered a series of [...]

Harsh Words

At the kitchen table I uttered the words, “I don’t trust you”, as though to draw a line in the sand asking God to cross it and show me otherwise. In my honest prayer I asked him to show me what it looks like to trust him when everything inside of me wants to take matters into my own hands. [...]

Who Colors the Sky?

I’ve always thought that God colors the skies at sunset in honor of every person in Heaven. Just look at the beautiful, diverse colors and designs that He uses. Amazing. When I see a multi colored ski I always think of Granny. Sort of like it God’s reminder to me that she’s with me. Both she [...]

Living A Life By Divine Design

In a room with 100 people, I soaked in the words spoken by our ministry leaders who flew me and my colleagues half way across the country for a day of professional and personal development, my mind focused in on those words, divine design. As I read my notes the day after, I ponder. Oh how I drift [...]

5 Fall Reads

I’ll be honest, I’ve never loved reading. Even in school it was a task for me. Today in this busy over technological world of ours, it’s hard to make time to read. So my reading list this fall is short and the subject matter is only about what I love. Reading about my passions; [...]

Life Influencers

Today I saw a little guy maybe 3 years old riding a bicycle with his mom. As they crossed the street he stalled where the road met the sidewalk. She leaned over to give him a push and got him pedaling again, following right behind him. It seemed so symbolic to me, and that got me thinking about the [...]
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