Who You’d Be Today

First Day of First Grade With Uncle Wesley There he was standing on stage. He played bass guitar and looked to be about 24 years old. His hair was thick, a deep dark brown, on the shaggy side that I’m sure my grandmother Pat would never approve of. This guy stood all of maybe five feet tall. [...]

Grandparents Day

We used to celebrate this day together every year. Grandparents Day. My Granny and I would have lunch and I would present her with a small token of my love in the form of a cookie jar, flowers or a homemade treat. Her name was Beverly Ann Jordan the daughter of Kay and Jim Jordan, to me she will [...]

Reuniting with Family

Your family might look like those in the movies. Maybe you can identify with those in the movies like; Father of the Bride, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Sweet Home Alabama, Grapes of Wrath, or Home for the Holidays. I love the idea of family, a big one. That’s something I’ve [...]