Get To Know The Blogger

This month marks the first birthday of Blog By Tracy and you’re invited to the celebration! So in honor of the occasion I thought I’d share with you a couple of things about myself. I’d love to know more about you too, so feel free to leave me a fact or two in the comment section [...]

5 Lessons From a Dog Momma

Happy Mother’s Day to you! On this special day we celebrate our mommas. Restaurants will be packed out and flowers, cards and goodies will have moms smiling all across the land. But what about those who are moms to a four legged little one? I was a mom to a sweet beagle. She was adopted at the [...]

Today. Tomorrow. Gratitude & Goals.

I won’t try to sugar coat this. It’s hard to find joy right now, even an ounce. Some days it’s hard to break a smile. We spent four weeks keeping my beagle comfortable. She passed just last week and it was the worst day. Read about it here. Honestly, I’ve not experienced loss or grief of [...]

When You Lose The Love Of Your Life

It hits me like a tidal wave. One moment I’m so mad it’s like I’ve lost my boogie board riding the wave of the century and in the next tears are streaming down my face like a dripping faucet. The grief you experience when you lose the love of your life is overwhelming. It’s [...]

Three Ways To Be A Boss Babe

As I clicked over to our local NPR station KUT, I caught the tail end of the interview that embodied these words…empowering women in a male dominated business world. It was an interview with the founder of this organization/movement/meet up called Boss Babes ATX. My interest was peaked. So I went [...]

Gratitude and Goals (March + April)

I had grand plans for April 2016. I was sort of excited and looking forward to what I would accomplish and how I’d get there. But it didn’t happen. At least not how I thought it would. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. I’m talking about those reasons your plans get pushed aside [...]

Talking To Butterflies

In an instant your world can change. Three words and suddenly it all goes dark. She. Has. Cancer. Those words flew through my mind piercing my heart instantly like darts hitting a board. My baby girl Skylar, she’s an 11 year older beagle had been struggling with an awful cough that had worsened. [...]

Easter Memories That Will Leave You Nostalgic

Just how did Grandmother and Granddaddy Jordan know where all the Easter eggs were hidden? Did they have a direct line to the Easter Bunny? Were they in cahoots with him? I’ve had these questions for a very long time. Ever since Grandmother Kay blurted out, “Oopps there’s one more out there, [...]

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

You know those weeks where you gotta put your big girl pants on? Well, it was one of those weeks for me. It seemed like every corner I turned, I was faced with being an adult. The decisions. The money. The logistics of being a single girl. The responsibility. This week it all piled on. But through [...]

Who Wants More Joy This Spring?

Spring doesn’t only conjure up visions of deep cleaning and tossing out the stuff that clutters the house, no, entering the spring season is so much more. It means springing forward, it brings new life and new growth. Spring is bright and it blooms in all its fullness offering a new hope. I want [...]
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