Best Birthday Cake Ever

Drop the fork. This is the birthday cake of all cakes. I’ve made it twice and it’s turned out to be a crowd pleaser both times. It’s Blog By Tracy’s first birthday and this cake recipe is for you! It’s a Funfetti triple decker. Now don’t let that scare you like it did me because [...]

The Dessert That Will Make You Look Like A Rock Star

If someone asked me to make a lemon tart, I’d say no way. I can’t do that. A pan of brownies? Now you’re talking. I’m a baker at heart thanks to my great grandmother Mimi. But intense desserts that require things like tempering, a double broiler, or a thermometer—no thank ya. I stumbled [...]

The Evolution of SXSW

Next week the population of my city will increase by 50,000 people for two weeks. The internationally known music and interactive festival SXSW will draw people to Austin, Texas, from all over the globe. Even President Obama and First Lady Michelle will also be here. And the city becomes [...]

Sprinkles and Swirls Oh My

These Swirl Cookies just scream fun! They’re buttery sugar cookies that are easy to make and what’s not to love about sprinkles? You can use any color of food coloring, I used liquid food coloring instead of gel. So bake your Valentine some with red, purple and pink for a birthday party or in [...]

Just Peachy

To me, peaches exemplify summer. Bring on the cobbler and the gatherings! The peach crop begins to bloom at the end of Spring. With more than a million peach trees spread across Texas, the state produces in excess of one million bushels a year, that sounds like alot, although Georgia, California, [...]