Day 8: 5 Things To Know Before Getting A Puppy

Getting a puppy is like having a baby, only there is no birthing process. Can I tell you more? Having a puppy will bring you tremendous joy and angst at the same time. When they’re sick, you worry until all is well. You will experience a feeling of great helplessness when something is off and [...]

Day 6: Facing Curbside Fears

She has a bold and adventurous spirit and is rarely timid, but being just six months old she can be a little skittish especially when it comes to unknown territory. Scout loves to take long walks through the neighborhood and true to the beagle breed she’ll get her nose to the ground and walk [...]

Day 5: My Pup’s Top 10 Favorite Things

Scout is the first puppy I’ve ever had. She loves to play and she loves toys. But more than anything, she loves to eat. And, being a beagle, she’ll eat anything. It’s kind of like what I think it’d be like having a two-year-old! Scout the beagle’s top ten favorite things: 1.Crushed [...]

Day 3: But, I’m Not A Dog Person

It was October and a beautiful day in Austin, Texas, when a friend of mine and I decided we’d head to Dogtoberfest and enjoy a glass of wine at my favorite restaurant. She brought her beautiful golden retriever, because, well it was a Dog Fest. And me, not being a dog person, managed [...]

Day 2: True Love Found at Buc-ee’s

I lost her just five months ago. She had first been diagnosed with pneumonia, and then days later the news came that she had lung cancer. Lung cancer in dogs is rare, just 1% of dogs will be diagnosed. She was a rescue beagle. A sweet, gentle, loving, mild beagle named Skylar with brown eyes as big [...]

Write 31 Days: Reflections of a Dog Mom

Welcome to my Write 31 Days page of 2017. This is my third year to participate in the daily writing challenge. And, a challenge it will be. I struggled to come up with my theme this year and to be honest, I’m not certain I have 31 days in me. But I’m going to give it go! In the [...]

Day 31: My October

I can’t believe tomorrow is November. Thankfully my Christmas shopping started in July but I must confess I’m ready to put my tree up now. Time this month has just flown by so I won’t speed things up. For now I’ll just take things day by day. October was a very busy month. [...]

Day 30: When Lies Are Louder Than Truth

The weight I’ve felt over the past couple of days has felt like a pair of 110lb bar bells resting squarely on my heart. The weight of past hurts and wounds came rushing back like a high speed bullet train. Shame took the center stage of my heart as shards of unworthiness and feelings of not [...]

Day 29: Return To The Backyard

It’s been six months to the day marking my last visit to my very own back yard. The last time I was back there my first dog, a 12 year old beagle named Skylar had run back there during her morning routine to do her business. I was taking my usual route and walked through the house to meet [...]

Day 28: 5 On Friday

I’m so glad it’s Friday and Halloween weekend at that! We’ve decided what costume Scout is wearing, it’s pretty much a head band of antlers. That’s all she’ll take! Here’s what I’m excited about this weekend. 1. Serving Refugees This weekend my church [...]
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