Day 1: Welcome to My Mashup

It’s October 1st and as if there’s not enough to look forward to this month, I’m looking forward to writing for 31 days in a row. WHAT you say?  Through challenges it’s often when we learn the most, whether we choose the challenge or life serves it up to us.

For you it may be running a marathon, starting a business, embarking on writing a book, loosing weight or maybe even starting a family. This is my second time to take the Write 31 Days Challenge and the first go around wasn’t easy.

Writing every day was difficult. Difficult to be disciplined, to churn it out, to drum up a topic, and to edit my unpolished words. I didn’t have a consistent theme so that too made it like anything goes.

This year is not much different. But I’m excited nonetheless. My theme is a mashup of thoughts and ideas. Webster defines a mashup as a mixture or fusion of different elements. That’s exactly what my Write 31 Days post theme is. Each day will have a different topic and may take the form of a blog post, a video, a graphic or a fun photo. It’ll be sort of free form, whatever moves me and I hope it’ll move you, maybe inspire you or encourage you.

I decided to take this challenge again this year because it stretches me. I want to practice my writing, and practice makes you better, so what a great way to do that. It’s day 1 and I’ve already learned something about WordPress that I didn’t know before. I’m technically challenged but I’m pumped on this late Saturday night that I can now add a page to my menu bar and I can add posts to different locals too.

I’ve not done a video before and the thought of trying to figure it out and be compelling with something you might care about makes me want to run for my Tums.  So let’s add this to things I’ll learn.

Through work this week I was introduced to an Austin blogger who blogs about her mission work in orphanages along with faith and fitness.  She does video regularly and is wow, terrific at it! I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully hear how she does it. Check her out here! She doesn’t know me yet but I hope she’ll agree to have coffee with me.

The other thing I hope to get out of this 31 Day challenge is to meet and be exposed to other talented writers and bloggers. Community in this thing called blogging is something I really long for. I’d love to have a mentor in a bottle, sort of like a Genie. You know, when I needed something I could rub the bottle and out she’d come. You know the story. Maybe I’ll connect with some amazing writers who I can lean on every now and then.

Finally, doing something for a consecutive 31 days in a row is a challenge in of it’s self wouldn’t you say? I mean let’s be real here. So personally, I want to do this. So it’s 9:45PM on a Saturday night and Ole Miss just beat Memphis and I’m writing and trying to figure out my landing page. I’m committed.

So here we go. I hope you’ll come back and join me for this big adventure over the next 31 days. I’m excited to see all the things I’ll learn from this.

Do you have a challenge for October?

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