Day 15: Friends Like These


Tonight I attended a fundraiser in the fight against human sex trafficking. I didn’t know what a gem of a spot this was and how my heart would be touched by a visionary and a mission.

When I got there I was immediately taken with the venue. It’s called Arthouse Austin. It’s literally a house turned into a venue space with incredible art on the walls. The backyard opens up to a space that looks like you’re in the hill country yet you’re in the middle of town.

We were there to kick off the Adamo Nail Bar, it’s a renovated air stream turned traveling nail bar. They bring the manicures to you, it’s nails for purpose.

Ladies who have been rescued out of trafficking are hired, trained and supported to be licensed to do nails, giving them freedom, independence, a sense of belonging and purpose.

As the evening went on with the air stream sitting in the background, we listened to the founder as she told the story of how her God given vision became a reality. The nail bar wouldn’t have come true without four key women who surrounded her.

She went on to talk about how each of these ladies played such a vital role in supporting her through it. They also did lots of heavy lifting to refurbish the air stream but each had a special role in causing her dream to become a reality.

We all need friends like this. A handful of nurturers, who come up under us to support us and lift us up, but also love us enough to tell us when we’re out of line.

Friends like these are the touchstones of our lives. They keep us grounded, balanced, and are always there. They’re you’re biggest fans and will cheer for you when you take flight. When you need triage, they’re physicians of the heart when you suffer wounds from life’s greatest trials.

These kind of friends hang tough when the going is rough. When you find you’re the only one left standing, they’re right behind you.

I love how the founder of Adamo Nails paid tribute to her team. It was clear how this group of gifted and talented women have loved each other every step of the way. You can meet these powerhouse friends here and you can support Adamo Nail Bar, a 501(c)3 in the fight against ….here.

Adamō (latin; verb): to love truly, earnestly, deeply or greatly; to fall in love with, to find pleasure in

Would love to know if you have a group of friends like this and how you came together!


  1. I love this Tracy! Thank you for your support and for this amazing article!

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