Day 17: Boss’s Day

Boss's Day

I don’t think I realized it was National Boss’s Day until I was surprised by the two ladies that I most love working with. They brighten my day, make me laugh, they keep me on track, and remind me not to take myself and the tasks at hand too seriously, after all, we’re not performing brain surgery, we’re in media and entertainment.

Just after lunch today the two ganged up together and walked in my office with my favorite dessert, well I guess you could call it dessert, technically it’s healthy but it was after lunch. It was a bowl from Blenders and Bowls, our favorite!

The best gift of all is being on a team with committed players who are willing to run the ball down the field no matter the distance. They cheer when we’re up and they come together when we’re down. We’re ‘all in’ and we’re in it together. They make my life better every day just by being in it.




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