Day 25: Why I Love Orange Theory Fitness

I’ve been in love with working out at Orange Theory for over a year now. When I first started I thought WOA there’s no way I can do this. But I quickly found that yes I could.

My stamina and endurance quickly increased to a point where I could handle the load. Day after day I see I can push more and work harder.

Are their people in better shape than me? Yes of course. But I’m there to work for me, not for them. You’ll see every body type in class. No matter your fitness level you can go at your own pace, although there are some girls in perfect shape. They work out a lot and take some bodybuilding supplements (click this if you are interested to learn more on supplements).

Orange Theory Fitness is high intensity interval training which can push the limits cardiovascularly.

Best Workout

Here are five things I love about Orange Theory:

1. You track your heart rate

Everyone wears a heart rate monitor. In class there are flat screens where you can see at what level you’re working. You know when you need to push it! This keeps me focused and I feel like I have actual data to see improvement work out to work out.

2. It’s Personal Training in a Group Setting

You get a training style workout in a class setting. There are free weights , TRX straps, and body weight exercises combined with cardio sessions using the treadmill, rower machine or a strider.

You rotate in groups and it moves quickly. You’re monitored by a coach who watches form and encourages you along the way.

Is it intense, yes it can be. As in any workout you’re the boss. Listen to your body. But it’s a great workout every time.

3. The Smell

I have to say Orange Theory is so consistent in some of the most important ways. First, it’s always clean. They don’t have huge dressing rooms where you can get glammed up but they have utilitarian showers for a rinse.

No matter how I show up feeling, I am going to leave there having gotten a good workout. It’s time well spent.

I love the way the studio smells. It’s consistent across Orange Theory locations. It’s across between orange and new tire smell. Regardless of whether you like those scents or not, it never stinks.

What can I say, I’m a sensitive smeller and cleanliness and a guaranteed workout are important to me.

4. Results Driven

You will see results if you go consistently. Like anything, it takes more than once. Once ever or once a week, once won’t cut it here or anywhere. You will see results if you go at least three times a week, I promise.

5. Atmosphere

Is it competitive, you bet, in your own mind! There’s the heart rate monitor on the flat screen but you do what you can. Regardless of what you think no one is judging you except you.

There’s community. The studios are small so you don’t get massive gym syndrome. Mr. Good Bar is not going to be looking for you.

Nor will you be face to face with Mr or Miss Showman. You’ll be in it with people of all body types and fitness levels but you’re all gonna work hard and be challenged. You’re there for the same reasons.

I’ve yet to encounter a monster of a gym goer.

The energy is high but not so high that it’s fake or contrived. The coaches are genuine and the music is loud and pumped up. I like that!

Orange Theory hasn’t compensated me for this post. I’m just a fan who has seen results myself so I thought I’d share it with you. If there’s one near you I hope you’ll give it a try!

Whatever workout you choose, I’m here to encourage you to stick with it. The hardest part is getting in the car. But once you’re finished you’ll feel so good and the benefits will last a lifetime.

Working out at Orange Theory makes my life a little sweeter. How about you? Tell me about your favorite workout in the comments below.


  1. Just what I needed Tracy! I had my free workout on Monday & am going to sign up today!

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