Day 31: My October


I can’t believe tomorrow is November. Thankfully my Christmas shopping started in July but I must confess I’m ready to put my tree up now.

Time this month has just flown by so I won’t speed things up. For now I’ll just take things day by day.

October was a very busy month. If I have to sum up the month in one word it’d be learning, it was a month of learning and I mean learning about everything. I’m happiest that way, when I’m learning new things, taking new paths, and exploring new heights.

My Write 31 Days series has been a great way for me to share with you bits and pieces of my journey along with random thoughts and ideas. Just the process of articulating my thoughts here with you has made me better.

God has been busy at work on me this month and I love watching him work. I just hope I embrace what He’s doing and continue to grow from it. He hasn’t let his foot off the gas and He continues to press on me every day.

I spent several days in Seattle at work meetings where I learned so much about leadership.  Then I got to spend a couple of days with a friend in Seattle on a big adventure.

I saw the generosity of people through our major fundraiser at work and people stepping in for Haiti.

I attended my first big blogger’s conference which was AWESOME! My learning pot overflowed! I met so many accomplished writers.

Write 31 Days has helped me to look for the sweet things in life everyday. Thank you for going with me on this journey and for reading this blog. I’m so grateful.

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