Day 4: Why I Love National Night Out

I love the concept of National Night Out. Did you celebrate it in your city? It’s recognized once a year all over the country as a time dedicated to community building throughout neighborhoods across the nation.

What began as a way to prevent crime in neighborhoods has only strengthened the community spirit with events being held every first Tuesday in October that is known as National Night Out (first Tuesday in August in cooler climates).

Bringing neighbors together over a central idea brings wholeness. A shared mentality of ‘we’re in this together’. The sentiment that I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine means a lot to me.

Even if it’s just sharing a hot dog and a soda together, that opens dialogue and I think that’s a win. We end up knowing more about our neighbors than what kind of car they drive or if they take their trash out. Maybe we could go just a little deeper and take that next step.

We can all agree that we value the safety of our families and our homes. And I want to live on a street where I know that my cohabitants will call me if they see something suspicious or heaven forbid if my dog gets loose. It takes all of us to pitch in and stand in for safety.

There’s value in knowing our neighbors, loving our neighbors and standing in the gap for each other.

It’s things like National Night Out that can change the world, one hot dog at a time, one person at a time, one heart at a time.

What if I actually fed their pet while they’re away? What if I did more than return their trash can to its spot? What if we actually shared a meal together and I got to know them?

I wonder what would happen?

Does something like this have to be only on National Night Out and only be held once a year? What if we did something like this regularly and it rotated yards? Front yard, back yard, no yard?

I’d love to know if you did anything in your neighborhood on National Night Out or if you plan to host something this fall.

I’m planning to have my 2nd Annual Front Yard Halloween Party!

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