Day 5: My Pup’s Top 10 Favorite Things

My Pup's Top 10 Favorite Things

Scout is the first puppy I’ve ever had. She loves to play and she loves toys. But more than anything, she loves to eat. And, being a beagle, she’ll eat anything. It’s kind of like what I think it’d be like having a two-year-old!

Scout the beagle’s top ten favorite things:

1.Crushed ice

2.Rice Chex Cereal

3.MuttNation Chicken squeaker toy by Miranda Lambert

4.Walks in the neighborhood

5.Mom’s books of any kind

6.Our down comforter, we call it ‘the cloud’, Scout loves to sleep on it.

7.Kong Puppy Tire

We like to fill it with peanut butter on the inside and let her chew on it. It keeps her occupied and will get her in the kennel every time.

8.Blueberry Biscuits by Tomlinson’s, a locally owned pet and feed store in Austin.

These biscuits are 100% human grade, although I haven’t tried them myself, Scout loves them and you can buy them in bulk.


It’s not good for dogs, so she get’s a mere pinky size taste.


Unfortunately, she loves to pick them up and chew on them and they make her sick every time. Be aware! These can be toxic to dogs.

What would make your list of top ten things? I’d love to know! We all need a list of our favorite things, it breeds gratitude and just makes you happy.

We all need a list of our favorite things. Making a list like this breeds gratitude and just makes you happy.

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