Day 6: Facing Curbside Fears

She has a bold and adventurous spirit and is rarely timid, but being just six months old she can be a little skittish especially when it comes to unknown territory.

Scout loves to take long walks through the neighborhood and true to the beagle breed she’ll get her nose to the ground and walk around in a trance.

She’ll fearlessly climb up rock ledges that stand five feet tall to walk in the fresh cool grass in the neighbor’s yard. Scout loves walking the ‘tightrope’ otherwise known as the street curb.

When it comes to jumping off the curb that sits over a street drain, you know, one of those horizontal slopes where the rain drains in the street, Scout stops in her tracks.

She turns into a statue of steel standing on top of the curb, staring in wild bewilderment with her big brown eyes transfixed on the opening in the street.

Even if I gently tug on her leash, she won’t jump off the curb with a drain below. She’ll stand and look at me, then look at the drain, then look at me again.

I try to coax her off the curb by using my best baby talk, changing the tone of my voice but still, no movement. We have to walk a couple of feet on the curb to fully clear the drain until she’ll jump off the curb.

Scout reminds me of me when I let fear get in my way.

I freeze up and I can become so paralyzed that I can’t move or take action. Yet I know that I have a loving Father who is always there for me, holding me steady, and ready to catch me if I fall.

Sometimes I struggle to hear God’s reassuring words, “Tracy c’mon, you can do this, just jump….I’ve got you”.

I know in my heart that God loves me and he wants the best for me, and just like Scout, I love her and I won’t let anything happen to her. I’m there to pull her off the ledge if she gets stuck or to grab her if she falls.

Looking at Scout is like looking in the mirror sometimes. Every day I learn more and more about myself from this beagle puppy.

Learning from a puppy


  1. Oh yes… fear can stop us in our tracks, can’t it? I’m so glad God gently tugs at us and assures us that He’s got us through it all!

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