Day 6: Judgment Day At The Airport

Judgment showed up all sleepy eyed at the airport for her 5:00AM flight, fully locked and loaded for six to seven hours of travel.

You might agree that traveling these days is just not what it used to be. Granted I was straight off of two sixteen hour days and this was day three of waking up at 4:00AM.

So when I got to the airport I immediately took on the role of judge and jury. I stood outside of myself looking at others and thinking why in the world would you need so much stuff? I mean do you really need three or four bags? Seriously do you know that you can check your luggage?

On this particular day, to add insult to injury I had a serious case of shoe envy. You see my travel fashion consists of jeans, my favorite wholesome store tee shirt,  a ponytail and as little makeup as possible. I’m sure I frighten everyone I come in contact with but I laugh every time I see a woman dressed up and wearing heels for travel.

Is she really comfortable wearing that? Those booties sure look cute but jeeze. The booties in my closet from last fall come from Steinmart and somehow they take on a more generic look. Meanwhile today I’m wearing eight-year-old Nikes.

Hold on because this gets better.

Someone sneezed, aww gosh I wonder if they’ll wash their hands? What will I touch next and oh the germs in this place. Yes this is me in judgement mode.

After I purchased my overpriced cup of ‘liquid go’ my mind shifted to what people were purchasing at the eatery and I wondered if people ever think about what they’re putting in their mouths and what about working out?

I mean if we all exercised and cared about our bodies maybe we wouldn’t have to…hold up now.

I heard a voice inside my head say stop it, stop it right now. Get your thoughts right Tracy.

I thought whoa, God come on now, is that you? I’m in the airport, what a great place to ‘people watch’, a.k.a. have a judgment show down with people I don’t even know.

So I began to pray as I waited in yet another line. God please don’t let me sit by those people. God please give me patience today to tolerate slowness and indecisiveness as I travel. My mind wondered again.

Skinny jeans? Don’t get me started. When we reach a certain age we should really reconsider don’t you think? Man this guy is breathing heavy, is he alright?

Then I heard, Tracy be the light.

Is that you again God? Talking to me? I knew it was God speaking to the harshness of my heart. Suddenly warmth came over me and my mind set was elevated by about 10,000 feet. I began to have a conversation with myself.

I need to stop this and love right now and all throughout this day. There’s no time for this Tracy. When rudeness rears it’s ugly head I need to overcome that with grace, understanding, and love.

When inconsideration shows up in the aisle I need to point to accommodation and practice patience. When attitude assaults the flight attendant I need to smile and be kind.

And above all I need to stop it with this wrong thinking and change this stinky attitude that plagues me. Jesus died for me. He died for me to be here, right now in this place in the airport and I need to act like it. I need to stop being accusatory, short, crabby, and rude and making assumptions I have no business doing.

Instantly I knew I was wrong. As I was seated in an aisle seat (thank you God) I dropped my weapon of mass destruction that existed in my mind. Instead I looked for ways that I could be that light by smiling, showing respect, being helpful, accepting, and gracious. And the crew appeared to be as pleasant as never before, am sure the SMS training passed well for all the staff I met that day.

Doesn’t the world need more of this right now?

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