Everyday Heroes

They’re those people who walk a mile for us. They soldier on, but are unknown by those they serve, you and me.

They walk the halls in our schools, they care for those in the hospital, they raise us through the terrible twos, and maybe they’ll be making your half-caf triple pump grande latte in the morning.

Do you see them? They’re everywhere. They give without taking. They take action because it’s the right thing to do.

Today is Veteran’s Day and in thinking about our military heroes, I stopped to think about those everyday heroes whose paths cross mine without recognition.

They offer their gifts freely. I don’t absorb the expense, but they do.

Those who pick up the slack for my short comings everyday are my heroes. They make up the difference and pick up the slack.

Then there’s my best friend who pushes me and encourages me to run my best race. He pushes me to cross the finish line.

My good friend Tracy was there when I needed her the most, to care for and feed the one most precious to me—my puppy Skylar. When given short notice, she took my key and said, give me directions to your place. We can go months without talking and pick right up where we left off with no guilt and no hard feelings.

Then there was Jeff who recently moved on to his everlasting home. He lived his life loving Jesus, unapologetically and out loud. Unafraid. Bold. I lived in awe of him. If only I could be so faithful to live undaunted.

Who is the hero in your life?

To the heroes of my life, from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I thank you.

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