Park Day

Thank you for coming over for a visit. Founded almost a year ago with a blank screen, I let this blog sit for about six months before I knew what to write.

I was scared to put anything on the page. I didn’t know where to begin. Until one day in May I just started.

It was Memorial Day 2015 and the words flowed out of me about my Grandaddy. I wanted to share who he was, a WWII Veteran he was crazy but a true lover of life.

The reason I started this blog was to leave a legacy in words. World, I was here.

Through my musings left on these pages I hope to share with you a view into my life, how I love and how I grow. Every step in this life is sweet, even though sometimes it hurts, I believe the outcome is sweeter than ever. It’s how you choose to view things. Here at Blog By Tracy we take a ‘cup half full’ view of everything. After all there is something sweet in every if we just take a look for it.

On these pages I’ll share with you my life and also my faith journey. I haven’t always known a loving, grace filled God. In fact I never really did know what grace meant until the recent years of my life. I grew up knowing a judgmental God, one who could never possibly love me.

In the last decade of my life, God has shown himself to me. I’m not the person I was and on this blog I’ll unabashedly share with you the work He’s doing (or heavy lifting) in me. Without faith I’d have nothing.

Food, who doesn’t love food right? I love to cook and entertain and one of the ways I express my love for others is at the table over a nice meal. In the blog you’ll find some of my favorite food moments including recipes that make my life sweet!

I have many roles in my life. In my professional life I’m a marketing director for a top radio station in Austin, Texas. Doing PR/events makes my life oh so sweet. I’ve done it for more than half my life and it brings me joy everyday.

I’m a mom to a 10 month old beagle named Scout, a fitness instructor and rowing coach, and social justice advocate. I’m always in search of great wine and food somewhere.

At Blog By Tracy, by sharing my sweet life with you I hope you’ll find the sweetness in yours too.

Thank you for stopping by. I get so jazzed up when you leave me a comment! So don’t be shy!


  1. Tracy – you are an amazing woman with so many,many wonderful talents. This blog was amazing and you my sweet friend are also amazing. God does indeed have a plan for us. I look forward to reading your other blogs.
    My brat always xxxooxx

  2. Tracy – you are leaving your mark on this world whether you realize it or not. Thank you for being an inspiration to many and to more than you know. I look forward to reading more along the way of where ever this journey leads.

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