Friday Favorites

Fridays come with a lot of things, but they don’t come without pressures of their own.

Deadlines. Fridays can bring a crunch time. How many things can I possibly pack things into the week before it closes? Let’s hustle to make it happen especially before month’s end.

Do you feel the tug like you’re at one end of the rope?

That’s why I like to list my favorite things on Fridays. It’s a list of a few things I’m loving, a few things I’ve discovered, and a few things on my wish list!

I hope you find something here that brings a smile to your face this weekend.

A new food blog find!

Half Baked Harvest

Let’s see, let me count the ways I love this food blog that I’ve stumbled upon.

I love the creative ingredients that Tiegahn uses in her recipes. I just feel healthy after parrusing her recipes. I especially love the Spicy Southwest Quinoa Bowl and the Chocolate Dunked Salted Honey Nut Bars. And did I mention beautiful photographs?

The Semicolon is more than just a beautiful print on the wall.

Meet Courtney Kirkland. My story isn’t over with this day, this week, or even the season I find myself in. There are better days ahead! That’s why I love Courtney Kirkland’s, The Original Semicolon print. What an inspirational piece. I’d love one for my office, how about you?

Hello, Rocky Mountain Wall Decals!

These decals are so fun! Decorating a kids room, nursery, or even your kitchen or entry way? How about trying a wall decal? She makes these cool chalk board decals for your kitchen. There’s a family quote and even a weekly planner too. I particularly love the hello decal for your entry way. I think I could use a lap top decal too! Check it out!

The Sid Dress from Bungalow 123

I’m no fashionista, but I think animal prints are in. At least I say so.

This looks fun!

Library of Flowers Handcreme, because I love the way it smells!

I can’t get enough of this American small batch perfumery handcreme. It’s by Library of Flowers. If I could wear the box it came in I think I would. It’s so beautiful on it’s own that I couldn’t bring myself to toss it away. The handcreme is perfumed but is very light. I picked up mine in the boutique over at Lake Austin Spa. Shop here!

I hope you’ll find that these things bring you some joy on whatever day you’re reading this!


  1. Another amazing post Tracy! Thanks so much for the feature.
    Nat Lewis – Wall decals for kids and kids at heart!

  2. Hi Tracy!
    Great post! Visiting from Blog Promo group on FB 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of these fun things to do!

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