January Goals

Some people have a word to live by for the year. Others have resolutions. This year I’ve set a few goals and these monthly posts will really help me to break it out into baby steps.

When it comes to picking a word for the year, several come to mind. Words like listen, focus, intention, all boil up to the top.

I can’t wait to get started, so here they are!

Blog Goals

Get a Headshot
I need an official photo for my blog. A selfie just won’t do and maybe it’ll make me more legit!

Write Regularly

So since the holidays, I’ve fallen off the wagon. I want to create some regularity to my posts. I’ll throw out there the goal of wiring twice a week. That’s my heart’s desire.

Overcome This Fear
So there’s what’s called a ‘plug in’ in the blog world. I think it’s a technology package that allows all sorts of functionality for your blog, such as creating a subscirber’s list that way you can sign up to receive emails from me when I have a new post. We’ll I’m petrified of this. Yes, I only partially know anything about it and yes, there are online tutorials I’m sure of it. Truth be told, I’m paralyzed with fear so I’m ignoring it. Wishing for the ‘know how’ but doing nothing. It’s time to get over it. I’d be happy if I would just watch a tutorial.

Start a Series
Friday Favorites…that just sounds so fun I think. Every Friday a list of a few favorite things, live food bloggers, recipes, websites, etc. A post of my faves.

Personal Goals
Church Community
I need it like I need water and I have to admit I’ve been creeping into church unknown and at times literally with a ball cap on my head. I need to be with other women who want to grow in God. They encourage me and I’ll learn from them. I’m excited to join a weekly Bible study. I need structure and accountability.

Connect with Friends
Call a couple of people I haven’t seen in a year. We live not far from each other and there’s no excuse. It’s important to stay in touch when you can. I’m also planning a friends monthly happy hour.

Start a Travel Fund
It’s time to unleash the Dave Ramsey inside of me. “If you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it”, the phrase that’s on repeat in my head. No trip in 2016 will go on plastic. I want to go to my first blog conference this year. So it’s time I find a jar.

Plan a Fundraiser
Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner. That means it’s time for me to put together the 2nd Annual Traffic Jam, a fitness fundraiser raising money to fight human trafficking. It’s set for February 7th and I can’t wait! By the way, it’s on Superbowl Sunday because that’s the single largest day for human sex trafficking in the US.

Are you setting goals?  How about a word for the year? I’d love to know what you’re doing to make this year different from other years.

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