Liebster Award Nominee

And the Oscar nominee is…..wait for it, wait for it!

What would it feel like to hear your name as one of the nominees for an Academy Award? To walk the red carpet? To be among the who’s who, the most talented nominees?

Ahh well this is what it felt like to learn that Blog By Tracy was a nominated for a Liebster Award!

I’m honored that Ashley over at Feather By Feather has nominated me for this award and that I’m featured among so many accomplished bloggers. How cool is that?!

I feel like I just want to soak in all of the goodness these writers have to offer!

It was so hard choosing just 10 bloggers to nominate here. I poured over their blogs, their writing, storytelling and photographs. They were all so authentic, each of them really touched me.

I’m in excellent company and I aspire to write like each of them all one day. I hope you’ll visit their blogs.

So what is a Liebster Award you ask?

A Liebster Award is an award created by bloggers given to other bloggers in our community. The goal of the award is to introduce our followers to newer blogs on the internet. It’s a great way to work together and make the blogosphere a more fun place!

The 10 questions Ashley asked me are:

Ashley: Why did you decide to start a blog?

Me: I wanted to leave a mark on the world, that I was here while sharing my adventures of this sweet life.

Ashley: What are three words that best sum up your blog?

Me: Faith, Life, Recipes

Ashley: What do you love most about blogging?

Me: I love sharing my experiences and observations in hopes I can encourage you.

Ashley: What blog post are you most proud of?

Me: Harsh Words. I wrote it when the words just flowed out of me as I sat at my kitchen table one morning talking to God.

Ashley: What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working on your blog?

Me: To take my little beagle for a walk, visit a Texas winery and cook for a dinner party!

Ashley: What is the best book you have read recently?

Me: Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World by Emily P. Freeman

Ashley: How do you come up with new blog ideas?

Me: I think about timely topics and how I can relate them to current life events or experiences many of us may have had. I get inspired by magazine covers and Pinterest of course!

Ashley: What is your biggest goal for your blog?

Me: I hope to inspire you, comfort you, and encourage you in a way that let’s you know you’re not alone in this. Good times and challenging times. To find the sweet in everything. Cause it is.

Ashley: Where do you search to discover new blogs?

Me: I started by reading some of my favorite blogs and finding more of their contributors sites. Some of those lead me to some of their favorite bloggers through links on their sites. The Facebook Groups that I’ve been so blessed by are a great resource and a great way to meet other bloggers.

Ashley: What is your best piece of advice to other bloggers out there?

Me: Just start. Start somewhere. Don’t try to have all the right pieces put together at once which I think would send me running. It’s a process. They say just start writing and I believe that is true. Don’t try to have it all perfect. Just get going and the rest will come.

As a nominee you’ll want to construct a blog post where you accept the nomination, answer my questions below & nominate your own 10 blogs. Oh and don’t forget to tag me and those you nominate too!

Nominees, answer these questions just as I did for Ashley.

  1. What about springtime are you most looking forward to?
  1. What tool do you use most in blogging?
  1. Who or what brings you inspiration in blogging?
  1. What famous person would you want to have dinner with and why?
  1. If you had $10,000 deposited in an account with the directive of using it for leisure travel, where would you go and what would you do?
  1. Aside from social media platforms, what is one blogging tool you absolutely love?
  1. List your top 3 favorite blogs to read & why you like them:
  1. One thing you’d love other bloggers to know about you
  1. What’s your #1 blogging tip
  1. What causes you to want to read more or subscribe to a blog?

Let me know what your answers are to these questions when you post. Tag me too, I’d love to read them!

And the nominees are…

Different Is Different

A beautiful blog. I love Laura’s writing. She writes about life, telling the truth about life happenings we can all relate to.

Julianne Gilchrist

I love Julianne’s writing observing God’s grace in the ordinary like the time you had to take your shoes off when you showed up for dinner at a friend’s house!

Cascading Life
Reading Debra’s blog is like putting on your favorite pair of flannels talking with your bestie. And you want to stay a while.

Becky Ann Cole

Becky is vulnerable and honest, I love her writing style. She authored a children’s book, Tell Someone: A Story to Raise Awareness and Help Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse. So good.

Love Mercy Walk Humbly

Written honestly with grace about her life and those things we can all relate to, Kristen’s site is refreshing and simply colorful.

The River Chick

Rebecca’s blog is full of personality, real and relatable. She writes about navigating the river of life, stuff I can use, wisdom.

Valerie Ackermann

Valerie’s blog is full of faith and encouragement. You’ll takeaway a great nugget of inspiration I know, I sure did. She’s a wonderful storyteller.

The One Where Mom Starts A Blog

Jamie writes about real life, raising boys and more. I love how her posts are themed and start with ‘The One Where…’. Grab a cuppa something and enjoy!

Did I Shave My Legs for This

Humorous and authentic. Amber’s writing and storytelling hooked me in and brought a smile to my face.

What fun this was. I learned so much just by visiting and reading your blogs. I hope we’ll connect and share ideas.

I am so blessed. Thank you for being a part of my sweet life.


  1. Congrats! How exciting!

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