Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

It hasn’t always come easy, doing things that push the boundaries of what I’m used to doing. Getting out of my routine and taking the initiative to do something different for sake of, well, doing something different and out of the norm, is more foreign than it is familiar.

It seemed that just as I was living my life, somewhere along the way all of a sudden I began doing things differently, things that I never dreamed of doing.

Years ago I went to the California wine country on my own and on a whim. I had the time and the opportunity to travel and the wine country was on top of the bucket list.

But really what I’m talking about is doing things outside of your comfort zone on the regular.

How often do you do that?

Listen, I can surely find myself wallowing in the ruts of life just like the next person. But one thing I know for sure is that when I do venture outside my comfort zone I always come away with a fresh perspective and I always learn something.

Just this weekend I visited an African American church as part of my church’s outreach. I didn’t know a soul, not even the folks from my own church. The congregation made me feel so welcome and I was so inspired by the Reverend’s message. Hearing him, the way he preached, his mannerisms and the thunderous roar he made from the pulpit and the cadence in which he delivered his words reminded me of my late grandfather who was a Methodist preacher.

Then there was that time I attended an intimate writer’s workshop.

Not knowing what to expect, I arrived at what seemed like a hipster/yoga-esk venue. Surrounded by a crew of young ladies who seemed as though they were far more experienced at writing than I was, I took a seat not knowing a soul.

We wrote short posts throughout the day based on prompts. We talked about tapping into the limbic system of your brain then we got down to brass tacks and talked about facing our fears through the creative writing process. At first, I had the hairy eye about this event I spent time and money on.

But boy, I walked away learning a whole lot.

On a random night, I bought a ticket to see dueling violinists or maybe they were fiddlers. It was AH-MAZING. There I sat on the second row. I was the only person I knew there. The Blue Room Supper Club was a total experience, great music, great food, great fun, and great people. It’s my way of seeing a show.

Over time, I’ve come to look forward to doing things outside the norm. If you just take a small step outside of your comfort zone, you’re bound to experience something unique and you just might expand your horizons, this I know for sure.

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