My Fave Dress : A Fashion Post

I don’t do fashion posts, so this is likely to be the one and only you’ll see at Blog By Tracy. I don’t do them because I don’t consider myself a trend setter, more so I’m a trend follower. Also, I received no compensation from either company, I just thought it’d be fun to share and do a fashion (ish) post.

This has been one of my favorite dresses to wear. I picked it up at one of my favorite go to shops, Altar’d State

I love this store for three big reasons. I always find something that fits me off the rack and that can be hard to do. I love the styles I find at Altar’d State, it’s boho-chic and comfortable.

While much of their clothing is best for someone 18-34, I can luck out and find a few things that work for me. Yes, sadly I’m out of that age cell and on to the next.

Did you know the store mixes faith and fashion for good? I love that the store donates 1% of it’s sales to local and international charities. The southern based chain now with 60 boutiques supports causes and their employees doing mission and volunteer work.

To me, this dress is good for multi-seasons and occasions in Texas. This time of year you’ll find the perfect outfit for game day in the colors of your favorite team!

These feather earrings are part of the NoonDay Collection. Multiple leather feathers in gray, black and blue are fun to wear with everything. NoonDay is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful fair trade opportunities around the world.

Their jewelry and accessories are made by artisans across the globe.

I was not compensated for this post. It’s just one of my favorite dresses to wear and my favorite earrings at the time. I’ve enjoyed them both so I thought you should know about it.

Happy shopping!

Do you have a favorite boutique that has on line shopping too? I’d love to know about it.

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