My Favorite Holiday

Snickers, M&M’s, Kit Kat Bars, oh my! You guessed it, my favorite holiday is Halloween. Now hold up, before you get all sideways with me about this holiday. I have fond memories of this super holiday surrounding more than the candy.

Before Halloween, my Mimi would take me on a shopping spree insider her closet. We’d go deep in the bowels of her closet that seemed to go for miles. While I couldn’t reach her long dresses, the chiffon hems flowed right above my forehead. We’d spend hours going through her wardrobe to select the most perfect dress that she would modify to fit my little six-year-old body.

After I chose my gown we’d head over to her jewelry box. There were baubles and broaches, diamonds and pearls and sparkly beads and bangles. How was it possible to make a decision? Nothing was off limits when it came to Mimi and me. Whatever I chose Mimi allowed it.

Mimi planned to adorn me with her makeup as well. She made me feel like a princess and that’s exactly what I was to Mimi.

Dressing like a hobo, a roller skating girl and even tennis great Chrisy Everett were some of my favorite occasions.

After trick-or-treating, I’d rush to empty my pumpkin and spread out my candy and organize every single piece into piles of good, better and best.

My parents hosted Halloween parties for me each year. We transformed one side of our garage into a spooky party room with orange streamers and hanging cardboard Frankenstein cutouts and a stuffed scarecrow. My costumed friends and I would play Monster Mash on the record player while we bobbed for apples.

Frosted chocolate cupcakes were always on the menu and so were hotdogs.

This year for Halloween, I may not be dressing as a princess but I’ll have a chocolate cupcake. This I know for sure.



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