I’ll never forget my first yoga class, it was a Hatha class which was perfect for a beginner like me. You see, my idea of a work out is a fast paced, quick moving class like cardio step mixed with some dance moves or maybe running a 5k followed by a 2,000 meter row. So you can imagine the challenge that yoga presents for a personality like mine. I’ve done just about everything in a yoga class including standing on my head, falling asleep, and accidentally snoring. I’ve even been called out by the instructor encouraging me not to forget my mat as I tried to quietly escape mid class.

I soon learned that there were other type of yoga classes, more challenging let’s say. Fast forward to my first Vinyasa class. This type of yoga was more intense with regular movement and a sequence of 26 poses. I enjoyed this class. I was never bored and it was a great stretch for my overworked body. Then I tried Bikram yoga. As I walked into the yoga room I thought woa they need to turn the air on in here! Turns out it was meant to be 105 degrees in the room.

Needless to say, I adapted really quickly to the heat and as soon as I did, I grew to love Bikram yoga. There’s something about the heat that is so therapeutic for my tired body and overworked muscles. Yoga makes my life so much sweeter. I feel like a wet rag once I finish the workout. But later, I feel rung out and refreshed. No matter what kind of yoga you do, it causes you to stop down, to breathe, to meditate, and to unplug. It’s all you. Whether you’re in it to relax, restore, stretch, or to get a great workout. Yoga is worth it. It’ll make your life sweeter, it has mine. (Day 2 #write31days)

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