Day 26: Pumpkin Chip Bread on Ntl Pumpkin Day

Don’t tell anyone, but I made this recipe three times last fall! I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s the kind of tea bread that when you have one piece you want another. So on October 26th, recognized as National Pumpkin Day I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than [...]

Day 25: Why I Love Orange Theory Fitness

I’ve been in love with working out at Orange Theory for over a year now. When I first started I thought WOA there’s no way I can do this. But I quickly found that yes I could. My stamina and endurance quickly increased to a point where I could handle the load. Day after day I see I can push [...]

Day 24: A Presidential Campaign To Remember

It was a harmonious campaign with two qualified passionate people vying for the role of President. The two competitors would work to earn votes, promoting their platforms using every kind of channel possible. Both candidates would learn lessons that would last a lifetime in hopes of taking the top [...]

Day 20: Why I Won’t Sleep Tonight

I can’t believe it’s just 24 hours away. I’ve been waiting all year for this. In the morning I’ll be headed to my first big blogging conference in Houston, Blog Elevated. I’ve been in frantic preparation mode for days. Business cards, a media kit, the right clothes, [...]

Day 18: My Prayer Tonight

Dear Gracious God, Thank you for this day that you have given me. Father thank you for loving me. I humbly come before you as your daughter, daughter of the High King and ask you to help me to stay focused on what you want for me and to not be distracted by the world swirling around me or my own [...]

Day 17: Boss’s Day

I don’t think I realized it was National Boss’s Day until I was surprised by the two ladies that I most love working with. They brighten my day, make me laugh, they keep me on track, and remind me not to take myself and the tasks at hand too seriously, after all, we’re not [...]

Day 16: The Way I Roll

So I’m half way through the Write 31 Days Challenge, today marks half way. With 15 more days to go I find myself weary but set on persevering through to the finish. That’s just the way I roll. But the days are growing longer and I’m feeling stretched thin. Thin to get it all right. Thin to [...]

Day 15: Friends Like These

Tonight I attended a fundraiser in the fight against human sex trafficking. I didn’t know what a gem of a spot this was and how my heart would be touched by a visionary and a mission. When I got there I was immediately taken with the venue. It’s called Arthouse Austin. It’s literally a house [...]

Day 14: The Consequence of Choices

The events of this past week have wreaked havoc on my heart and mind. I’ve found the reports of locker room talk, groping, and sexual advances to be disgraceful. It’s left me wondering how have we found ourselves to be in such a place as a nation? Do I know this goes on? Sure I do. But where [...]
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