Reconnecting. Sweet Friendship.

It had been two years since we last saw each other. Through the years, we would meet in passing at a restaurant. We had worked together through our involvement in a non-profit. I’ve always admired her; her poise, her strength, her beauty, her knowledge, her conviction. You know those times when you run into someone and with good intentions, you say…”let’s do lunch soon”! Then you never make good on the invitation. This time I did.

We met for lunch and caught up on community work, my new job (of 2 years), her family and travels. The conversation deepened as we talked about my Christian faith, her Jewish faith, hatred in the world today and her up and coming trip to Israel. We shared moving rapidly from one subject to the next. We talked about an organization who provides affordable speech pathology for stroke survivors here locally and my involvement in the fight against human trafficking.

Although brief, our time together inspired me. Just hearing about her life, her family, her travel and leadership endeavors inspired me. It felt good just to be with her, talking, sharing and getting to know her more. It was nice to be heard, like friends do, they listen. 

There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little more. I know she doesn’t know it, but she encourages me.

It won’t be so long that I wait next time, to call a friend and say “let’s do lunch”.sweet menu

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