Remembering October 2015

Am I the only one who feels like October came and went in a flash? I love October because of the turn of fall, at least in theory because in Texas the weather doesn’t follow suite.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not because of the scary ghouls and goblins but because of dressing up, the candy, the sense of community, and the fun to be had.

Every year I have grand plans of putting together a spectacular costume and then the week comes and I’m left to my own devices and the leftovers at Goodwill which is not good.

For the first time I started early and I ordered a youth sized cheerleader uniform that actually fit! BAM! Instantly I was cheering for my Ole Miss Rebels in official colors!

But this post is about my October in review and I really felt the scorch of the flames by my schedule.

My month started with a quick 48-hour trip business trip to the Northwest. If that wasn’t enough to get the adrenaline going, I had two weeks left to finish planning for a fundraiser. Over two days we raised $250,000 in just 16 hours. To that I say, wowsa! God is good!

With Halloween on the calendar I decided to host a front yard party, you know, to get to know the neighbors. So with invitation in hand I went door to door inviting all of the neighbors on my street to my front yard.

I didn’t know a soul, but my mine longed to get to know them.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t without fear that I assembled mummy sausage wraps, chocolate cupcakes, and set out chips and dips to meet the strangers next door. On that very same day I hosted a ministry meeting, taught a cardio class and prepped for a garage sale for the very next morning.

Overload is the word that describes my October. But looking back I can see how God showed me the real meaning of every yes that says no to something or someone else. And that someone else was me.

Work. Workout. Teach class. Go to a meeting. Go serve. Fly to the Northwest. Meet and learn. Teach again. Workout again. Raise some money. Play with the puppy. Get dressed up. Host a party. And oh, live.

I was living on fumes. My yeses said no to me. My rest, my puppy, my sanity and my God. Everything that is important.

The overbooking was mine. With every yes, I said no to me.

As I tell you this story I see that this is insanity. It’s completely out of control. Looking back on my October I have to ask myself… what is really important? My time is valuable; actually it’s really precious.

As I look forward to November, well, it’s already November. I’m choosing to protect my time and to make better choices. I need to stop overbooking myself because ultimately I pay the price.

When I account for the way I spend my time on this earth I want to see my priorities sparkle not flash before my eyes.

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