I love that old thingamagig I said to myself as I began to unpack boxes that had been sealed for more than three years. I mean, you never know when you might need that whatchamacallit.

For years I was in the mode of collecting serving dishes, so much so that I never really acquired a full set of matching anything, just odds and ends. But trust me, they’re all favorites. There’s this blue set that was supposedly hand painted and it’s so delicate. It made the trip all the way from Cancun, Mexico, to Austin, Texas, and I gave it so much love and care to get it here in one piece.

Well, the time had come to host a garage sale. It was my very first one.

As I sifted through the stuff, the sentiments sabotaged me and reined supreme as I sorted through the memories.

I might use those napkins rings again. What about the old folded up handwritten notes I used to pass to my bestie in second grade? Then there’s the article I wrote in the George Junior High newspaper. I may need this day planner that was given to me by the company that’s never seen it’s way out of the original packaging.

How do these things have such a hold over me? I mean I’m in elimination mode.
I want to live simply. I’ve gone for years without needing the contents in these boxes.

As I talked myself into keeping a couple of things, in that moment I needed to stay focused on the goal; de-clutter, purge.

Overspending and having more, more, more, is the way of our culture. Tiny homes are all the rage. I haven’t missed this stuff and I don’t need it.

Days passed and I continued to appropriate things along with the memories saddled to it. This stuff was no longer going sit idle in my garage cluttering my life. I had to let go of these mementos.

It came down to choices. The thoughts “I might need it someday” and “so and so gave this to me” had to be conquered. The truth is, this stuff is not the substance of my life.

Have you ever held onto stuff? Have you experienced being attached to stuff? Leave a comment here, I’d love to know.


  1. I’ve had my struggles with STUFF too… but, I’ve gotten better over the years.

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