Unexpected Jungle Trail

2017 started off with a bang! A bang that I didn’t plan. Unanticipated. Quite frankly, if my life were a NASCAR race, a caution would be nice about now, with a yellow flag that means all cars hold up now and a restart follows. But a NASCAR race my life is not. The day after Christmas I was [...]

A Word To Live By 2017

I’m no good at new year’s resolutions. I mean I’ve wanted to learn to figure skate since the Nancy Kerrigan days and learning to play the violin tops my list too. So when a friend asked me if I had picked a word for the year it got me thinking. What’s in a word that guides your [...]

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you but my kitchen was turned upside down this afternoon. It was like I was an Iron Chef or something. Tomorrow will be a great day of feasting, being with family and friends, and counting blessings. I made the green bean casserole, the stuffing and yes, this jello dish [...]

Day 10: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Today was really life changing for me and it’s not every day that I can say that. I’m in the northwest for business leadership meetings and today was day one. It’s not just any leadership meeting though, we’re learning to lead like Jesus from the greatest leader of all time. One of the [...]

Day 9: Trust In An Elevator

The other day I stepped onto the elevator of the Seattle Space Needle that would take me up in the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, 605 feet in the air to be exact. A structure that has 25 lightening rods. As I stepped onto the elevator in a split second I put my complete trust in [...]

Day 6: Judgment Day At The Airport

Judgment showed up all sleepy eyed at the airport for her 5:00AM flight, fully locked and loaded for six to seven hours of travel. You might agree that traveling these days is just not what it used to be. Granted I was straight off of two sixteen hour days and this was day three of waking up at [...]

5 On Friday: A Sweet Week

5 on Friday is my weekly post about five random things. Things on my mind, things that happened to make the week special, maybe even five fun things you need to know about. It was a busy week, you know the kind where your schedule is so jam packed you just roll from one thing to the next without [...]

Who Colors the Sky?

I’ve always thought that God colors the skies at sunset in honor of every person in Heaven. Just look at the beautiful, diverse colors and designs that He uses. Amazing. When I see a multi colored ski I always think of Granny. Sort of like it God’s reminder to me that she’s with me. Both she [...]

Living A Life By Divine Design

In a room with 100 people, I soaked in the words spoken by our ministry leaders who flew me and my colleagues half way across the country for a day of professional and personal development, my mind focused in on those words, divine design. As I read my notes the day after, I ponder. Oh how I drift [...]

5 Fall Reads

I’ll be honest, I’ve never loved reading. Even in school it was a task for me. Today in this busy over technological world of ours, it’s hard to make time to read. So my reading list this fall is short and the subject matter is only about what I love. Reading about my passions; [...]
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