Favorite Things

5 on Friday: Let the Holidays Begin

Whew, this week has to be waving a white flag or maybe it’s crying out UNCLE! It was so full and full of goodness. Just what the holidays are made of. There was so much joy in this week, celebrating the holidays, making new friends, talking about Jesus and what He’s up to over pie, making [...]

Who Wants More Joy This Spring?

Spring doesn’t only conjure up visions of deep cleaning and tossing out the stuff that clutters the house, no, entering the spring season is so much more. It means springing forward, it brings new life and new growth. Spring is bright and it blooms in all its fullness offering a new hope. I want [...]

Friday Favorites

Fridays come with a lot of things, but they don’t come without pressures of their own. Deadlines. Fridays can bring a crunch time. How many things can I possibly pack things into the week before it closes? Let’s hustle to make it happen especially before month’s end. Do you feel the tug like [...]

Friday Favorites

For 2016, I’m starting a new series called Friday Favorites. Each Friday I’ll feature a few of my favorite things. I’d love your feedback and to know a few of your faves right now. This week these things are bringing a smile to my face. The list includes a beautiful blog that I [...]

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