Life Experiences

5 on Friday: A Topsy Turvy Start

This year has already been full of topsy turvy emotions. Sad, mad, and well bad. Bad as in eating anything I want on most days, just as I’m not able to work out and enjoy my regular routine. 2017 started off with a bang when I broke the fifth metatarsal bone in my left foot. Everything [...]

My 2015 Year End Review

Flipping through my ‘old school’ tattered calendar with scratches and penned in dates, I reflected on all the things I was able to do and be a part of this year. More than that, I realized how God has been at work in my life. What hit me as I wrote this, is that despite my grand plans [...]

The Homecoming Mum

We moved into an upscale part of town when my mom remarried, my freshman year of high school. It was tough. No, it was down right hard moving into the school best known for its cliques and the over achieving, Louis Vuitton carrying, well provided for student population. There were the ‘in’ [...]

I Didn’t Sign Up For This

The elevator door opened and she stood right in front of me, frazzled, holding two heavy bags and a cup of coffee. I asked her how she was doing as we traded places on the elevator. Dropping her bags, keys and setting it all on the elevator floor she said, “I didn’t sign up for this”! And her [...]

Remembering Katrina

You remember exactly where you were when those historic events in life occur. 10 years ago I was at a fitness conference at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. I remember walking past the flat screen TVs in the lobby and seeing a CNN report about the level 5 hurricane named Katrina. As time ticked by, [...]

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