16 Goals for the Year

It’s the last day of January 2016! Boy the days sure went fast didn’t they. I know it’s a little late, but there’s no time like today than to set my goals for 2016. As they say, better late than never. It was interesting how these goals became more clear to me as the month of January [...]

My 2015 Year End Review

Flipping through my ‘old school’ tattered calendar with scratches and penned in dates, I reflected on all the things I was able to do and be a part of this year. More than that, I realized how God has been at work in my life. What hit me as I wrote this, is that despite my grand plans [...]

The New Normal

The east side of Austin, Texas, 16 years ago wasn’t a place you might want to go walking with a stranger, even in broad day light. Ask me to go there, and I might have said no. It was election season and a presidential campaign was in full force. Ask me to go door to door to talk about candidates [...]

What does McFly know?

Did you know today is Back to the Future Day? You know, in the movie “Back to the Future Part II,” Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015, to save his children, yet to be born in “Back to the Future’s” 1985. In the movie, they had a vision of a year that was still more [...]

Seeing Kathy

She walked quickly past the workout room. She was back. When I caught her glance I gave a giant waive as Kathy stopped at the door. My sweet friend, in her 80’s had been a faithful student in my cardio step class for years. The bag she toted was her trademark and she’d wheel that long handled [...]

Living A Life By Divine Design

In a room with 100 people, I soaked in the words spoken by our ministry leaders who flew me and my colleagues half way across the country for a day of professional and personal development, my mind focused in on those words, divine design. As I read my notes the day after, I ponder. Oh how I drift [...]

Laughter Does a Heart Good

How many times this week did you laugh? I mean really have a gut buster? I must have laughed until I cried at least three times this week and while at work! I wonder are certain personalities predisposed to laughter? What makes you laugh? I’m not talking about the fake kind. I’m talking about [...]

Days of Pink

October ushers in many things that I love and one of those is breast cancer awareness month. It is said that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with the horrific disease. One of my life’s greatest blessings was working as a volunteer for Susan G. Komen for six years. I had the honor of leading the PR [...]

Cultured From the Country

Tonight I heard a great interview on NPR with a chef who was born in Israel and raised in Philadelphia. One of the topics discussed was how his culture was present in his up bringing in America. That got me thinking about how challenging it must be raising kids in our culture, but providing culture [...]

Life Influencers

Today I saw a little guy maybe 3 years old riding a bicycle with his mom. As they crossed the street he stalled where the road met the sidewalk. She leaned over to give him a push and got him pedaling again, following right behind him. It seemed so symbolic to me, and that got me thinking about the [...]
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