Ornaments: More Than Just Decorations

Has your home taken on a new look like mine has recently? My living room has been rearranged and Christmas has moved in. The Nutcracker stands guard on the fireplace and our stockings are hung above the chimney. Scout, my 8-month old beagle has made her home in the Christmas throw on the couch. I [...]

Easter Memories That Will Leave You Nostalgic

Just how did Grandmother and Granddaddy Jordan know where all the Easter eggs were hidden? Did they have a direct line to the Easter Bunny? Were they in cahoots with him? I’ve had these questions for a very long time. Ever since Grandmother Kay blurted out, “Oopps there’s one more out there, [...]

Remembering Katrina

You remember exactly where you were when those historic events in life occur. 10 years ago I was at a fitness conference at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. I remember walking past the flat screen TVs in the lobby and seeing a CNN report about the level 5 hurricane named Katrina. As time ticked by, [...]

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