Day 16: The Way I Roll

So I’m half way through the Write 31 Days Challenge, today marks half way. With 15 more days to go I find myself weary but set on persevering through to the finish. That’s just the way I roll. But the days are growing longer and I’m feeling stretched thin. Thin to get it all right. Thin to [...]

Day 1: Welcome to My Mashup

It’s October 1st and as if there’s not enough to look forward to this month, I’m looking forward to writing for 31 days in a row. WHAT you say?  Through challenges it’s often when we learn the most, whether we choose the challenge or life serves it up to us. For you it may [...]

Why I Write

So as the clock turned and we approached the year 2015, I made a list of 45 things I wanted to experience by age 45. Let’s just say I’m afraid I have only accomplished four of those things with only two months to go in the year. I’m proud to say that one of those things was to start a blog. [...]

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