Three Ways To Be A Boss Babe

As I clicked over to our local NPR station KUT, I caught the tail end of the interview that embodied these words…empowering women in a male dominated business world.

It was an interview with the founder of this organization/movement/meet up called Boss Babes ATX.

My interest was peaked. So I went on line to find out more.

With more women in the work force today it’s ever more important that we as women support each other. From creatives to industry businesswomen this meet up draws hundreds who gather to share a beverage, exchange business cards and encourage and cheer each other on.

So I had some business cards made and decided to head out to promote my blog.

Boss Babes is planning to create similar meet ups in other cities so check out their website here.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips on how to be a Boss Babe!

1.Turn your words into deeds.
There’s so much power in taking action and turning your words into
something great by moving forward on it. Take that step.

2.Do what you love to do.
Be passionate about it and believe in yourself.
I’m pretty sure a famous shoemaker has the mark on this phrase ‘Just Do It’.

3.Remember this.
You are smart. You are strong. And don’t allow anyone or anything to
cause you to believe otherwise.

The party was a total blast. I met some really cool gals who have a lot hutzpah. Let’s just say they’re making it happen.

But going to something like this can be really intimidating for the first time where you don’t know a soul. The hosts of Boss Babes were very welcoming. I found it really comforting when head Babe made a point on stage to say, “if you feel uncomfortable just tell one of us, we’re here to help you get connected”.

A live DJ played some great tunes as we mingled and visited with unique vendors, of course they were all local women owned businesses, crafters and creators.

The evening ran swiftly which I totally appreciated. Featured business owners got on stage to give a one-minute spiel about their craft and a super talented female dance troupe performed which was oh so cool!

What I love the most is that Boss Babes ATX is really addressing inequality in industry, in creativity and in cultural interactions hence the meet up.

The women were young and old. Well it’s possible I was the oldest one there.

But there were women from all walks of life doing all kinds of things, with different styles, from every back ground all with different goals but wanting one thing; to do more of what they love and to have some sort of impact doing so.

I left inspired and ready to take that next step. That sort of feeling that makes you want to run a marathon or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

What’s that thing you’ve been thinking about launching or doing differently to get you to the next level? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know and be inspired by you.

If you want to catch the next Boss Babes ATX event you need to know that there are a limited number of tickets available so refer to #1. Take action when they go on sale and don’t be left out.

If you’re not in Austin to head to the next Boss Babes ATX event, turn one word into a deed this week. I dare you! #bossbabesatx

Thank you Texas Standard

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