What the Olympics Mean to Me

I have to admit that watching Michael Phelps swim his last laps in the Olympic pool during the relay had me biting my nails. I’ve really loved watching the Rio Olympic Games.

I can sort of identify with the dedication and commitment of the athletes since I’ve been teaching in the fitness industry for 20+ years. For 18 of those years, I’ve taught classes at the same gym, week after week, sometimes at an awful early hour.

What I can’t imagine is training for hours a day for years at a time. Training for what boils down to a single moment in time. The level of stick-to-itiveness and stamina it must take day in and day out blows my mind.

I mean what if one week you just don’t feel like training? Maybe you don’t want to show up. That’s not really an option.

It takes years and years of showing up and doing your very best. It must be a test of your resilience at the maximum level possible, pushing the limits every day.

The Games represent the culmination of constant perseverance, never letting your foot off the gas, then cheering and most often crying tears of joy when a flawless routine is completed.

An athlete’s work ethic goes on display for the entire world to see at the Olympics.

They all must subscribe to the same doctrine of self-discipline. When I consider what it must take to live a clean life such as this, it’s beyond inspiring.

I don’t know about you, but going a week without chips and queso makes me want to climb the walls. But stop and think about the price tag for this kind of life.

That’s commitment.

At this level of competition the stakes are really high and dreams of a lifetime hang in the balance. We watch the gymnast on the balance beam with bated breath and we cheer for our favorite track star resting in the comfort of our homes, thankful it’s not us hauling gluteus maximus for the win.

Sweat and time don’t come cheap when you consider the investment required by this kind of athlete.

I find myself thinking about the practice schedule and workout routines necessary to fulfill the hope of an Olympic dream.

Oh how this kind of life must play a significant part in developing moral character.

It gives me immense pride to watch the US Olympic athletes compete on the world’s stage. I admire their strength, both physical and mental and their courage.

To me, the games are a display of the sum total of passion + drive funneled into one competition of the best of the best.

The summer Olympic games really are my favorite, but I can’t wait for Tokyo!

What have you enjoyed about this summer’s Olympic Games?


  1. I too love the Olympics! We watched them growing up and still do. So many great things can be learned from the athlete’s dedication!
    I wrote a post about it the other day.

  2. I felt the same way. This year is the most Olympics coverage I have watched in some time.

  3. I have always enjoyed the olympics, but I have really gotten into this time around. There are so many moments that I have enjoyed, but my 2 favorite moments have been in the pool. My first favorite had to be Lily King’s response/reaction to that Russian swimmer, and also watching Simone Manuel making history.

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