Who Wants More Joy This Spring?

Spring doesn’t only conjure up visions of deep cleaning and tossing out the stuff that clutters the house, no, entering the spring season is so much more.

It means springing forward, it brings new life and new growth. Spring is bright and it blooms in all its fullness offering a new hope.

I want to share with you eight things that will bring you joy this season.

We’ve changed the clocks down in Texas and welcomed Daylight Savings Time. Sunny days are here again, for an hour longer this time. Now I can go to the gym without feeling like I should be in my jammies.

Don’t tell anyone, but I love wearing my flip-flops to the office, then I put on my big girl shoes. Dust off the flip-flops it’s spring! Oh, and let’s get that pedicure too. Not only are flippers so comfy, they’re easy to wear and tidy to put up.

Welcome pink, purple, and orange! Drab colors be gone. It’s time to swap out the wardrobe pieces and in doing so, it feels like you have all new clothes. Move over winter it’s time for a splash of color. I love the colors of spring fashions and that the temperatures are warmer but just cool enough that you need a cardigan.

And just like that spring flowers are here. Texas blue bonnets are here and they’re everywhere. On the roads you’ll see families pulled over by the side of the road snapping pics of the baby or the dog in the flowers. Highway hillsides are dotted with a tint of purplish blue. Beautiful!

The birds are back in town…and that is one of my favorite things about spring.
In the mornings I wake up to a symphony of birds outside. I’m amazed as I watch them dart in and out of the trees. Starting the morning gazing at the bird huddled around the bird feeder puts the day in perspective.

Vino and seafood, what could be better? April brings the Galveston Wine and Food Festival. I’m excited to have this event on my calendar. Chef Robert Irvine will be there and I can’t wait.

This season also brings the celebration of my sweet girls birthday. The second Sunday in April marks my beagle’s 9th. We’ll celebrate with a doggie pawty, pup cakes for people, puppy chow and some fun beverages! She’ll even snag a few presents.

Play ball! The smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of the ball meeting the bat and cheers from the stands. I love a good baseball game. Most of all I love cheering on my Boston Red Sox! I long for the days when I might live nearby to be a season ticket holder and to make the games a regular part of my days.

I love spring because it brings a freshness, a renewal, a time to re-set and to get going with new energy.

What does the spring season mean to you? What are you looking forward to?

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