31 Days at Sea

Uncertainty, inexperienced, unqualified, and in over my head is exactly what I felt when I announced to the world, on Facebook no less that I was IN on the 31 days writing challenge.

I sort of committed without even knowing really and truly what it entailed. I actually don’t think I was ever ‘fully linked’ in the challenge since, well, I am technically challenged. To blog, I guess I do need to be savvy in this sort of thing.

So I limped along.

Since I waded out into the sea of writers, I established a personal blog page called Suavis Vita, that’s Sweet Life in Greek, which launched in May.

In my mind I was swimming with sharks.

You know, those women I look up to and admire. Talented writers with so much to offer, like Julie Lysles Carr, Jen Hatmaker, Jamie Ivey, Sarah Bessey, Bree West, Cherise Castille, Ashley Brooks, and then there’s Tracy Walker.

What…who? Me? Oh yeah. The one who’s enjoyed writing about as much as having a stick in the eye. The one who has said it takes forever to churn out a press release. The one who can only speak in corporate-ese. That me?

Yes, me.

Courageous. Vulnerable. Creative. Imaginative. Me.

In a good challenge you discover exactly what you’re made of. In the ocean you find out who you are and what you’re capable of.

I’ve been at this writing thing since May. October 1 I declared that I’d write every day. Then I missed a couple of days. Well maybe a few more than a couple.

I was craving some encouragement, some professional guidance. So I took some on line courses. I inhaled them. I couldn’t get enough of Lysa Terkeust and Michael Hyatt, I wanted to run with the concepts I had picked up. Then I got stuck.

I wanted to use what I had learned and I wanted to do it just right. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t even begin. I flailed. So I reached for a life jacket.

I ignored it. Writing that is. I avoided it. I wouldn’t look my Mac in the eye. I skipped days and thought there went 31. Had I failed?

No, I just skipped a few days.

I adjusted my thinking and did what I could.

In 180 days my writing style has definitely changed. I’ve opened my heart with you and I’m learning to be a better writer, a better storyteller.

In some small way, I hope to encourage you through sharing a little piece of me.

Day 32 #Write31days

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