31 Days

So, I made this graphic via Canva.com

I’ve been itching for some writing inspiration, something to jump start my energy for this blog I’ve started. About a week ago I spent the better part of an evening on line, searching for a blog conference, a class, something to pull me in, to grab me and to teach me. I asked those I look up to…is there a class I can take to become a better writer? And there it was. At 7:00AM this morning I stumbled upon #Write31days. 31 days…as in every day in October, the month that just started today.

Immediately I began to pray. God, is this what you have for me right now? If it is, what do you want me to share with others through this? Is this where you want me? #Write31days was on my mind all day. After perusing it on line and seeing the many bloggers who have participated, I became energized and wanted to read them all! I’m stepping out of the boat and joining these accomplished writers and trying my hand at 31 days of this, not to mention the technical side. There is something for me to learn here and I’m stepping out in faith that I can do this! I can’t wait to see what’s in store. #Writing31days

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