5 on Friday: Thankful but I want to quit.

This Friday finds me grateful for so many things. Foremost on my mind is my puppy Scout and how well she has recovered from having stomach surgery due to sepsis and in a short period of time. We’ve been together just two weeks now and her first six days were spent in the ICU.

So this Friday I find myself weary. Weary of this stressful season and frankly weary of this world for it’s state of affairs.

Amidst the fire I stumbled upon this in my social media feed.

On that note, I turn my focus to the blessings in my life. These things are weighing on me tonight like dumb bells anchored to heart.

1. I’m a Mom in Training

So I’ve been a mom to a five month old beagle for just ten days and wow, it’s a new world. I’ve been told having a puppy is like raising a two year old. And, I think they’re right!

Scout’s teething and full of energy and I have to admit at times I find myself asking, well, myself, what am I doing? Then I remind myself that I’m loving Scout the beagle and giving her a great life.

2. Welcome SEC Football

I’m cheering for the return of SEC football and I can’t wait for the first Ole Miss football game of the year when they take on FSU Monday night!

 3. Don’t Quit

Is exactly what I keep telling myself.

I’m not a quitter. When I decide to do something I do it with 110% commitment, but over the past 10 days I’ve thought several times about quitting this whole blogging thing. I mean does anybody really read this anyway?

Doubt has gotten the best of me. As of this evening I’ve not ruled it out, quitting that is. So I’ll do my best to fill my head and my heart with the good Word, resisting this negative force coming down on me like a hurricane.


4. Vacation at the Pool

My vacation to Ft. Lauderdale was cancelled because my puppy had emergency life saving surgery. Read and share the story here. So I packed my bag and headed to the nearest apartment pool I could sneak in to. I was the only one there so I turned up Pandora and enjoyed my time.

5. Sleeping with Dog Toys

Is this what happens when a little one comes into your life?  A five month old puppy that is?

I found a set of car keys (the jumbo colorful kind), a red wheel, a pink bone, and a purple ball when I made the bed the other day. This new puppy mom had to chuckle. #lovingscout


What were the highlights of your week? Where are you living, I mean in your heart?

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